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Konica Minolta's logo. Courtesy of Konica Minolta Holdings Inc. Konica Minolta logo unveiled
(Monday, August 4, 2003 - 19:48 EDT)

A press release on the Minolta Co. Ltd. corporate website announces that it will be forming a new holding company along with Konica Corp - and unveils a logo for the joint company.

Konica Minolta Holdings Inc. will be formed tomorrow, as a step on the road to the merger we told you about last January. Both companies will simultaneously begin using the new logo, which discards Konica's colorful logo image in favor of the Minolta one.

The color of the oval has been changed to a different shade of blue which has been dubbed "Innovation Blue", with the five horizontal lines that "represent light and express the wide range of technical capabilities in the field of imaging" retained as-is. Minolta's logo is sometimes shown with four lines currently, but only in smaller versions where we presume the fifth line makes it look too busy - the larger versions currently use five lines. Meanwhile, a new typeface with a clean, modern look underneath lists the name of the new company - Konica Minolta.

The reorganisation should be complete by October 1st, 2003.

Original Source Press Release:

Konica Minolta -- Establishment of a New Symbol Logo

Tokyo, Osaka (August 4, 2003) -- Konica Corporation (Fumio Iwai, president) and Minolta Co., Ltd. (Yoshikatsu Ota, president) announce that Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc. (Fumio Iwai, President & CEO) will be launched on August 5, 2003, as a new holdings company formed through an exchange of stock by Konica Corporation and Minolta Co., Ltd. In conjunction with the commencement of this new company, the new Konica Minolta Group symbol logo will officially go into use as of tomorrow, August 5. Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc. will also begin incorporating this logo into the corporate logos of each of the Group companies, and applying the logo to the products and services provided by companies.

<Konica Minolta Management Philosophy and Vision>

Management Philosophy: The Creation of New Value

Management Visions:
  • Innovative Corporation That Continues to Create Impressions in the Field of Imaging.
  • A Global Market Leader That Offers Advanced Technology and Reliability.
Corporate Message: "The essentials of imaging"

<Konica Minolta -- The New Symbol Logo>

Konica Minolta -- Establishment of a New Symbol Logo

<Konica Minolta Group -- Concept behind the New Symbol Logo>
The new symbol logo consists of a symbol mark and a logotype, and the design expresses the values that Konica Minolta provides to its customers.

<Symbol Mark>
This "Globe Mark", resembling a globe, represents the limitless expansion of Konica Minolta and the new value it offers to customers around the world.

The oval form is an expression of the trust and feeling of security given to customers and the harmony of the wide spectrum of technology. The five lines represent light and express the wide range of technical capabilities in the field of imaging. The blue color of this symbol mark expresses ingenious innovation, and the color has been named "Innovation Blue".

This logotype is an expression of the precision and feeling of quality in the technologies and products created by Konica Minolta in the field of imaging. At the same time, it shows that the brand will continue to bring fresh surprises to customers.

With this new symbolic logo, the Konica Minolta Group aims to continuously provide new value, and become an essential company to its customers.

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