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Casio updates the Exilim EX-Z3
(Wednesday, August 27, 2003 - 05:37 EDT)

9AM ET: Casio Computer Co. Ltd. and its US subsidiary Casio Inc. will today announce several new addition to their Exilim series of ultra-compact digital cameras in a "credit card" form factor (apparently European countries were given a different NDA time to the US).

One of the announcements, the EX-Z4U looks to be closely based on the existing EX-Z3 model, with the same Pentax 3x optical zoom lens, but a new 4.23 megapixel CCD image sensor. (The other announcements are covered in a separate news item). The EX-Z4U can now take exposures as long as 4 seconds and has a maximum ISO rating of 400 - the previous model was limited to just 1 second and ISO 200. The movie mode of the EX-Z3 seems to have been removed, and a new audio recording mode added in its place. The camera body seems to be almost identical to the EX-Z3, although we've yet to receive any pictures of it from Casio - the dimensions of the EX-Z4U are the same, and the weight is just a touch more.

The Casio Exilim EX-Z4U will ship in October at a price of $399.99. Specifications courtesy of Casio follow; we've yet to receive any pictures of the cameras from Casio, and will update this item once they are available:

Casio Exilim EX-Z4U
Recording Element 1/2.5-inch square pixel primary color CCD (4.23 million total pixels; 4 million effective pixels)
Image File Record Format JPEG (Exif. Ver. 2.2), DCF standard, DPOF compliant
Recording Medium Built-in flash memory (10MB), SD memory card / Multi Media card
Recorded Image Sizes
Image Size (Pixels) Resolution Approx. File Size Approximate Memory Capacity (Images)
Built-in Memory (10MB) SD Memory Card* (64MB)
2304 x 1728 Fine 1.9MB 4 30
Normal 1.5MB 6 37
Economy 1.1MB 8 50
2304 x 1536 Fine 1.8MB 5 32
Normal 1.4MB 6 40
Economy 1.0MB 8 54
1600 x 1200 Fine 1050KB 8 53
Normal 710KB 12 79
Economy 370KB 24 154
1280 x 960 Fine 680KB 13 82
Normal 460KB 20 126
Economy 250KB 35 221
640 x 480 Fine 190KB 46 294
Normal 140KB 61 386
Economy 90KB 98 618
Voice Recording WAV (approximately 4KB/second); approximately 40 minutes (built-in memory)
Image Deletion Single image; all images in memory (with memory protection)
Lens smc PENTAX LENS (6 lenses in 5 groups, including aspherical lens); F2.6(W) to 4.8 (T); f=5.8(W) to 17.4(T)mm (equivalent to approximately 35.0 to 105.0 mm when converted to 35mm film)
Zoom 3X optical zoom; 4X digital zoom (12X total when optical and digital zoom are used in combination)
Focusing Contrast type Auto Focus (selectable between spot and multi); pan focus; macro mode; infinity mode; manual focus; focus lock
Approximate Focus Range Normal: 15.7" to infinity; Macro: 2.4" to 19.7” (Optical zoom: 1 to 1.8X)
Exposure Control
Metering: Multi-pattern by imaging element
Control: Program AE
Exposure Compensation: -2EV to +2EV (in 1/3EV steps)
Shutter CCD electronic shutter/mechanical shutter; 4 to 1/2000 shutter speed (including Night mode)
Aperture Auto; F2.6 / F4.3
White Balance Auto; Fixed (4 modes); Manual
Sensitivity Auto, ISO 50, ISO 100, ISO 200, ISO 400
Recording Modes Snapshot; audio snapshot; Macro; Best Shot
Self-timer 10 seconds or 2 seconds; Triple Self-timer
Built-in Flash
Flash Modes: Auto, Flash On, Flash Off, Red Eye Reduction
Approximate Range: 1.31 ft. to 7.55 ft. (W), 1.31 ft. to 5.58 ft. (T)
Viewfinder Monitor screen and optical viewfinder
Monitor Screen 2.0-inch digital interface TFT color LCD (84,960 pixels; 354 x 240)
Playback Functions 4X zoom; 9-image screen; rotate; flip; calendar; Photo Stand (slideshow); startup image; Image Roulette
Timekeeping Functions Date and time recorded with image data; auto calendar up to 2049
World Time 162 cities (32 time zones); city names; date and time; daylight savings time
Other Trimming; resize; histogram; album feature; Favorites folder; copy; alarm with image / audio; customize key
Input / Output Terminals USB cradle contact terminals
Power Requirements Special lithium ion battery
Approximate Battery Operation
Continuous Recording: 540 images (90 minutes)
Continuous Image Playback: 150 minutes
Continuous Audio Playback: 130 minutes (voice recording)
Dimensions 3.43” (W) x 2.24” (H) x .93” (D) (excluding projections, .78” at thinnest point)
Weight Approximately 4.55 oz (excluding batteries and accessories)
Bundled Accessories Lithium-ion battery; USB Cradle; USB Cable; AC Adaptor; Strap; CD-ROM

Original Source Press Release:


The EX-Z4U is a stylish, thin, card-size digital camera with high-resolution 4 megapixel CCD and 3X seamless optical zoom that you can take anywhere!

DOVER, NJ, AUGUST 27, 2003 – Casio, Inc., in conjunction with its parent company, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. today announced the EXILIM ZOOM EX-Z4U, the latest addition to the EXILIM Series of card-size LCD digital cameras. The new EX-Z4U features a CCD with 4 million effective pixels plus a high-performance 3X zoom lens.

EXILIM is the digital camera that has totally revolutionized digital imaging, with a new design that makes it easy to enjoy the advantages of having your camera anywhere you go. Its combination of outstanding portability and high performance has made the slim, card-size optical zoom EXILIM ZOOM the pacesetter in the shift to compact and thin packages in today's digital camera market.

The new EX-Z4U packs the first high-resolution 4-megapixel CCD of the EXILIM lineup into a stylish and thin card-size body. The result is a powerful 3X optical zoom camera that can be taken just about anywhere.

The EX-Z4U will retail for $399.99 and will be available in October 2003.

“The EXILIM line of digital cameras has been one of Casio’s greatest innovations to date,” said John Clough, president of Casio, Inc. “They have truly captured the imagination of the American public and have become popular fashion accessories as well.” Clough said that the camera fits into pocket or purse and is extremely easy to use. “This latest 4 megapixel EXILIM provides spectacular image quality capable of capturing the finest detail. It’s truly one of our most spectacular product introductions to date,” Clough concluded.

  • 3X optical zoom lens in a thin, card-size configuration
    The new EX-Z4U packs a powerful 3X optical zoom lens into a stylishly thin card-size package that measures a mere 3.43” wide, 2.24” high, and .93” thick (.78” at its thinnest point).
  • High-resolution 4-megapixel imaging
    The 4-megapixel CCD of the EX-Z4U adds new dimensions to flesh tones and the fine detail of scenery shots for images of exquisite beauty and definition.
  • High-speed response
    With a start up time of approximately 1.6 seconds (with flash turned off) and a 0.01 second release time lag*, the EX-Z4U is faster than ever. A new Pan Focus mode eliminates the need for focusing, which provides even faster response. Multi-Auto Focus automatically selects one of seven different focus point positions to ensure that images are always focused correctly, regardless of how the subjects are arranged.
    * Time from when the shutter release button is fully depressed with the monitor screen and built-in flash turned off, and focus locked.
  • Built-in speaker for audio output
    New audio snapshot and voice recorder capabilities have been added, and a 2-inch monitor screen and built-in speaker lets you enjoy playback of both images and audio. Sounds can be specified for start up, shutter release and other functions.
  • Designed and engineered for ease of use
    A low-power design has extended battery life to allow approximately 540 snapshots to be taken (continuous recording). Other functions include high-speed playback capabilities that let you scroll images at about 0.1 second per image, and a Best Shot mode that uses preinstalled sample scenes to help set up the camera’s functions faster, and more.


  • 3X optical zoom lens in a thin, card-size configuration
  • 4-million effective pixel CCD for high-resolution images, with new noise reduction process for outstanding image quality, especially when shooting at night.
  • Built-in speaker for playback of voice recordings and audio snapshots
  • High speed startup has the camera ready to shoot about 1.6 seconds after power on (when built-in flash is turned off).
  • A release time lag of only 0.01 second (monitor screen and flash off) means that an image starts to be recorded virtually as soon as you press the shutter release button.
  • Pan Focus mode eliminates the need for focusing, for even faster response.
  • A seven point Multi-Auto Focus function automatically selects the optimum focus point.
  • High-speed playback scrolls at a speed of about 0.1 second per image, making image searches quicker and easier.
  • Extended battery performance gives approximately 20% longer continuous recording time than the EX-Z3 (EX-Z4 allows approximately 90 minutes of continuous recording).
  • Big new 2.0-inch digital interface TFT LCD scratch-resistant acrylic panel monitor screen
  • A Best Shot Mode that provides access to 21 camera setups in an instant. Simply select the sample scene that is similar to the image you want to record, and the camera’s exposure compensation, white balance, and other settings are configured automatically.
  • Photo Stand feature lets you view a slideshow of images with the camera on its cradle.
  • Full-month calendar screen shows a thumbnail of the first image recorded on each date.
  • An alarm function sounds an alarm and displays a specified image at a preset time. A voice message can also be selected to play back at the alarm time.
  • World Time lets you select one of 162 cities in 32 time zones around the world as your home time. When traveling to another time zone, simply select the applicable city, and time and date settings are adjusted automatically.
  • Triple Self-timer records three consecutive images, so you can select and keep the best one.
  • The camera stores images in a Web browser-viewable format that allows you to browse images in an on-screen album.
  • 10MB of Flash memory comes built in, and a card slot supports use of an SD memory card or MMC (memory card not included).
  • A Favorites folder lets you store your favorite or private images so they are not displayed during normal playback.
  • Simply press the cradle's USB button for automatic transfer of images to a computer.
  • Complies with ExifPrint (Exif 2.2) and PRINT Image Matching II.
  • Complies with Epson USB DIRECT-PRINT, so you can print directly on a USB DIRECT-PRINT printer* without using a computer.
    *For further information about "USB Direct-Print" compatible printers, please contact Regional Epson Sales Companies

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