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Seybold SF logo Imaging Resource to Cover Seybold San Francisco
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Tuesday, September 9, 2003 - 06:12 EDT)

The venerable publishing conference reinvents itself following 9/11 and the iRecession of the past two years. And it does it in the new Moscone West, whose ceilings are tall enough to accommodate even Imaging Resource as we sneak in to cover the event for you.

Steve Jobs is packing for Paris instead of giving the opening keynote, but this event promises to make news anyway.

ACD Systems, Adobe, Epson, GretagMacbeth, Konica, Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, Macromedia, Monaco Systems, nik multimedia, Pantone and Wacom are just a few of the companies we'll be covering through Friday.

Look for our reports here. And, as always, we invite you to email us with your special requests for coverage or questions.

Following is the text of the Seybold press release with show details.

Original Source Press Release:

Seybold San Francisco Transformed

Ten Key Conferences Include Enterprise Publishing and Digital Media

New Look, Vision for 22-year-old gathering of 'All Things Publishing' Set forSept. 8-12, 2003, at Moscone West

SAN FRANCISCO - With a new look, new vision and year-round identity, Seybold Seminars, Publications & Consulting is reinventing itself as well as its flagship event, Seybold San Francisco 2003.

Since 1981, the yearly summit of 'all things publishing' has grown beyond being just an annual conference. Seybold San Francisco - and its sister events in New York and Amsterdam - are widely recognized for providing the industry with a vibrant, creative community 365 days a year.

"Publishing, especially in electronic form, happens worldwide 24 hours a day, seven days a week," said James M. Smith, vice president and general manager of Seybold Seminars. "So it only makes sense that Seybold Seminars, publishing's dominant confluence point, adjust and adapt to the evolving needs of that community.

"Let's face it, trade shows are not what they used to be," he added. "This is the time to make this change. We took a long, hard look at our business from top to bottom, and we found that we could no longer do things the same old way."

To support such a vision, Seybold Seminars created www.Seybold365.com to serve as an online "community center," where anyone can find the latest on publishing, from news and trends to developments in publishing technology. The site also is meant to be a forum in which professionals can meet peers and discuss what matters in their particular arenas.

"We see Seybold365.com as a catalyst," Smith said. "It offers opportunities to work and play with creative tools and technologies to create compelling content for all technology-based media, including the Web, print, digital imaging and graphics."

Seybold San Francisco - the 22-year-old annual technology conference of the professional publishing world - will have a new format and focus when its latest edition opens Sept. 8 at Moscone West. To better support up-and-coming technologies, Seybold San Francisco 2003 has 10 new educational conferences to better equip attendees with the skills they need to "Get to Work Creatively:"

Seybold Seminars-Romano Future of Print Conference with Frank Romano of the Rochester Institute of Technology

Seybold Seminars-WOW Web Design and Development Conference with Molly Holzschlag and Bill Cullifer of the World Organization of Webmasters

Gilbane Content Management Conference with Frank Gilbane of the Gilbane Report
PDF Conference with Seybold Seminar's Hans Hartman

Creative Pro Conference with Pamela Pfiffner of CreativePro.com

Future Image Digital Imaging Conference with Alexis Gerard of the Future Image

Seybold Seminars-IDEAlliance XML in Publishing Conference with Linda Burmon and Marion Elledge of the IDEAlliance

Digital Media Conference by Sundance Media Group's Douglas Spotted Eagle and Mannie Frances

Technical Illustration Conference: Communicating and Selling with CAD with Peter Sheerin of CADENCE magazine

Enterprise Publishing Conference with Seybold Seminar's Mark Walter and Michael Maziarka, director of CAP Ventures, Inc.

"Seybold Seminars' quality, respect and innovation still remain," said Sherry Huss, senior vice president of MediaLive International. " We are returning to the core elements of an organized, focused conference in tune with serving the marketplace."

Even though Seybold Seminars will have a new look, she added, some of the basic elements that have attracted myriad sponsors and attendees for more than 20 years remain.

For example, publishing vendors will, as always, have the opportunity to exhibit their wares and services on the pavilion floor. Seybold Seminars' keynote speakers again will be movers and shakers, such as V.J. Joshi of Hewlett-Packard; Joe Krause, founder of digitalconsumer.org and Excite; Rob Burgess of Macromedia; Tim O'Reilly of O'Reilly & Associates; Brewster Kahle of Alexa Internet; and Rick Smolan of the "A Day in the Life of ... " books fame.

"Through the years, Seybold Seminars has served as pathfinders helping businesses survive and prosper through some very tough times, " Smith explained. "With our refocused and refreshed organization, we will bring together the creative community in ways that we hope will provide value for a long time to come."

Additional information about Seybold San Francisco 2003, Seybold Seminars New York 2003 and Seybold Seminars Amsterdam 2004 is available at www.Seybold365.com.

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