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BreezeBrowser now supports the Digital Rebel
(Friday, September 12, 2003 - 15:23 EDT)

We just heard from Chris Breeze, author of BreezeBrowser (the image browser and Canon RAW file processor), that he's released a new version of the program.

Probably the most important update in BreezeBrowser v2.7b is the inclusion of support for Canon's recently-announced EOS Digital Rebel (the US name - it is known as the EOS Kiss Digital in Japan, and the EOS 300D in the rest of the world). That's far from the only new feature though - a list of updates courtesy of the Breeze Systems website follows.
  • Canon EOS 300D/Digital Rebel support including raw conversion, focus point overlay display and full shooting data display.
  • Flashing highlight display to show over-exposed areas in photos. The highlight threshold and method of calculating highlights (luminosity or max RGB value) are user definable
  • Now displays Fujifilm S1 Pro, Fujifilm S2 Pro and Minolta raw files complete with shooting data
  • Shooting data can be automatically copied to IPTC data and EXIF comments
    e.g. insert a copyright message in the IPTC data by entering "Copyright @[email protected] @[email protected]". @[email protected] will be replaced with the year the photo was taken and @[email protected] will extract the camera owner name from the shooting data of Canon cameras.
  • Regenerate the embedded JPEG in Canon CRW files. This is useful if you shoot in raw mode with a Canon PowerShot camera because it allows you to replace the small (640x480 pixel) preview JPEG with a bigger, higher quality one for better viewing.
  • Image date and time adjustment is now available with Canon AVI files and raw files from Fujifilm and Minolta cameras (as well as JPEGs, TIFFs and raw files from Nikon and Canon cameras). This feature is very useful if you forget to change your camera's clock when changing time zones or at the start or end of daylight saving time. Also invaluable when shooting an event with more than one camera and you forget to synchronize the cameras' clocks.
BreezeBrowser is compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT4, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The program costs US$44.95 / £32.95 / €48.95, including one year's free upgrades. A trial version is available for download...

Original Source Press Release:

Breeze Systems releases BreezeBrowser v2.7b

Breeze Systems has today announced BreezeBrowser v2.7b with support for the
new Canon EOS 300D/Digital Rebel including raw conversion, focus point
overlay display and shooting data display. Version 2.7b adds the ability to
view Fuji and Minolta raw files and includes a new flashing highlight option
for showing over-exposed areas in photos.

BreezeBrowser v2.7b also includes a new tool which will appeal to Canon
PowerShot users frustrated by the small preview image stored in raw files.
The tool replaces the preview image embedded in the raw file with a JPEG of
user definable size and quality greatly enhancing the viewing of raw files.

Details of BreezeBrowser can be found on Breeze Systems' website:

September Special Offers

Breeze Systems has two very special offers on software bundles purchased
before the end of September 2003:

Offer 1: Buy BreezeBrowser and get Downloader Pro for half price.
Offer price US $58.40 (price if bought separately US $71.90)

Offer 2: Free copy of Downloader Pro when purchasing BreezeBrowser and
Offer price US $94.45 (price if bought separately US $121.40)

More details of these special offers can be found on Breeze Systems'

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