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FocusFixer updated to v1.2.1
(Monday, October 20, 2003 - 15:37 EDT)

A press release today from Hertfordshire, UK-based FixerLabs Ltd. announces a new version of FocusFixer, its utility aimed at fixing slightly out-of-focus images.

FocusFixer v1.2.1 has a number of bug fixes, and several improvements over its predecessor.

Most notably, the program now considers the EXIF information that most digital cameras append to the images they shoot. This means that the program can account for the way your camera was set up when it attempts to correct focus problems - hopefully delivering a better end result.

Other changes include the ability to work with larger source images, faster startup and previews, and a new fade control to let users fine-tune the results of FocusFixer.

FocusFixer v1.2.1 costs US$49, plus VAT for European customers. It can also be purchased in a bundle with FixerLabs' other programs, NoiseFixer and ShadowFixer, for a total of US$80 (again, plus VAT where applicable). Customers who have already purchased FocusFixer v1.x are entitled to a free upgrade to this version, and new customers will get free upgrades on all v1.x versions, as well as a 50% discount on v2.x if / when that is released.

Original Source Press Release:

FocusFixer Version 1.2.1 released

FixerLabs announces the launch of version 1.2.1 of FocusFixer.

Following the magnificent 5 star review from Macworld (UK) for FocusFixer version 1.1, FocusFixer version 1.2.1 is set to take the digital imaging world by storm. New benefits include.

  • EXIF information (attached to image files) is used to produce significantly improved results
  • Now able to work with much larger images
  • Faster start-up and faster previews
  • New fade control to allow user greater control over final results.
In addition to FocusFixer, other plug-ins in the range developed by FixerLabs, ShadowFixer and NoiseFixer, have both received 4 Stars in the October edition of Macworld (UK). All three plug-ins are available now as a bundle for only $80 (+ VAT in the EU).

FocusFixer Version 1.2.1 is a plug-in for Adobe's "Photoshop" 7 image editing software, but like all the plug-ins produced by FixerLabs will work in Adobe's consumer Photoshop Elements. Developed for both PC and Mac OS X platforms.

Aimed at professional photographers FocusFixer will also have applications for desk-top publishing, graphic and web designers and forensic imaging as well as enthusiastic amateur photographers.

FocusFixer, NoiseFixer and ShadowFixer are available to purchase exclusively via the internet wwwFixerLabs.com

FocusFixer $49 (+ VAT in EU)
NoiseFixer $17 (+ VAT in EU)
ShadowFixer $17 (+ VAT in EU).
FixerBundle (including all 3 products) $80 (+ VAT in EU)

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