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The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content.

KODAK.GIF PRESS RELEASE: Kodak Delivers Firmware Upgrade for DCS Pro 14n

Enhanced Imaging Software Refinements to Software Offer Ease-of-Use, Greater Control for Pro Photographers

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Nov. 19 -- Kodak recently posted on its website v4.4.3 of its firmware for the DCS Pro 14n Digital SLR Camera, which provides a host of image quality and performance enhancements. In addition, Photo Desk v3.2 software compatible with all DCS cameras, a new DCS File Format Module (FFM) 3.2 and the latest version of DCS Camera Manager v3.2 (WINDOWS version) are available for download as well.

DCS Pro 14n Firmware v4.4.3

The new firmware adds a variety of enhancements to the DCS Pro 14n digital camera to optimize its image quality and performance. It is free of charge and easily downloaded at http://www.kodak.com/go/DCSsoftware.

The new firmware provides the following enhancements:

* New "longer" exposure feature (Longer exposure images capture at ISO 6 require DCS Photo Desk v3.2 or later to open.)

* New camera mirror pre-release feature to the Custom Functions "CSM" menu (maximum shutter speed with Mirror Pre-release is 1/125th second).

* Enhanced shadow detail in wedding look and event look selections to the look menu.

* Enabled camera-LCD review when tethered to a host computer.

* Auto Review feature in the Review Menu allowing the automatic display of each captured image on the LCD after each capture.

* Slide show feature in the Review Menu allowing the selection of a Single Loop or Continuous Loop slide show. Images displayed in the show and display time for each image can also be adjusted. Slide shows can be displayed on the camera's LCD and on an external video monitor using the camera's external video feature.

* Improved LCD contrast adjustment for fine-tuning brightness and contrast. Includes the addition of the vertical brightness slider and the horizontal contrast slider when the display contrast feature is selected.

* Buttons on the back of the camera are now disabled when the shutter button is soft-pressed to reduce inadvertent activation of the camera's color LCD.

* Enhanced lens optimization support to include additional lenses.

* Added Korean language option.

Photo Desk v3.2 Software

Enhancements to DCS Photo Desk v3.2 make it easier to work with Kodak Professional Digital Camera Raw (DCR) File Format Manager images and finished JPEG and TIFF files. New features include image-processing tools and workflow enhancements that help photographers access, preview and fine-tune images captured by all Kodak Professional digital cameras, including the DCS Pro 14n camera. The software is free and is easily downloaded at: http://www.kodak.com/go/DCSsoftware.

The latest version of Photo Desk software includes the following enhancements:

* An interactive exposure and tone dialog box with exposure histogram and shadow, highlight and mid-tone adjustments.

* A color balance dialog box with red, green and blue sliders for fine-tuning color balance.

* A preview checkbox that allows photographers to see changes to images (exposure and tone, exposure compensation, white point color balance, noise reduction and sharpening) without closing the dialog box.

* Displays thumbnails from JPEG images created by DCS 720x, DCS 760, DCS Pro Back and DCS Pro 14n cameras at a higher resolution.

* Honors theKodak Professional DCS Event and DCS Wedding Look settings available in DCS Pro 14n firmware v4.4.

* A separate "Open as Contact Sheet" command, and "Undo" and "Redo" commands for all image-editing and renaming commands (MACINTOSH version).

* An option in the Preferences dialog to control the docking of tool windows (WINDOWS version).

* Kodak Professional DCS File Format Module v3.2

The Kodak Professional DCS FFM is an Adobe Photoshop software plug-in module for opening Kodak proprietary TIFF and DCR format files. The DCS FFM creates a new Photoshop software document with the contents of a supportedKodak Professional raw image file. Enhancements to v3.2 include single Adobe Photoshop file format plug-ins for both Kodak TIFF and DCR formats, and optional "open" to enable or disable the application of Scene Balance correction.

The DCS FFM is available for download at: http://www.kodak.com/go/DCSsoftware

Kodak Professional DCS Camera Manager v3.2 (WINDOWS version)

Kodak Professional DCS Camera Manager is an application for managing all Kodak Professional digital cameras, including the DCS Pro 14n, when in tethered mode. Enhancements in v3.2 include:

* Performance improvements in copying images from the camera's memory or folder on a Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) card;

* KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Event and DCS Wedding Look settings available in DCS Pro 14n firmware v4.4;

* Compatibility with DCS Photo Desk v3.2.

The v3.2 release is for WINDOWS (PC) only. Version 3.1 (MACINTOSH) continues to support the latest releases of the MAC OS. DCS Camera Manager is available for download at: http://www.kodak.com/go/DCSsoftware.

The DCS Pro 14n camera currently delivers the sharpest, most detailed images possible today from a digital SLR camera, and will continue to get better through future firmware upgrades to optimize its specifications. Firmware upgrades are free to Kodak Professional digital camera customers and are a compelling part of the DCS Pro 14n camera's value and appeal - the ability to "renew" the camera regularly by adding functional enhancements and new capabilities.

(First posted on Wednesday, November 19, 2003 at 21:15 EST)

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