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DSLR_logo.jpg Phase One announces C1 SE software
(Friday, December 19, 2003 - 18:27 EST)

Phase One A/S has today announced a new version of its Capture One (C1 for short) software that fills the gap between the LE and Pro versions.

Phase One C1 SE (Capture One Special Edition) has the full camera support of the pro version (ie. all Canon digital SLRs - 1Ds, 1D, 10D, 300D, D60, and D30 - on Mac and Windows, as well as Nikon's D1x and D100 on Windows only). Other differences from C1 LE include a higher limit on the number of RAW images that can be processed in one batch (100 instead of 10), and support for IPTC captioning of images. A fifteen day trial version is available, and upgrades for existing users of C1 LE cost $99.

If you're new to Capture One, probably the best deal is to head over to www.PictureFlow.com, where you can get a free camera profile from etcetera.cc with your purchase (unless you're buying C1 Rebel Edition, in which case the profile costs an extra $5).

Phase One C1 SE will cost $249 regularly, but if you buy before December 31st, you'll get it for a good discount at $199.

Original Source Press Release:

New C1 "Special Edition" RAW conversion software breaks price barrier for high-end digital SLR shooters for Mac and Windows

- New C1 SE RAW Workflow software announced at $249 with full "Pro" camera support; special introductory pricing now available on C1 SE for $199 until end of year -

NORTHPORT, NY, December 19, 2003 - Phase One, the world leader in professional digital imaging camera backs and software, is pleased to announce C1 Special Edition (SE) RAW Workflow software, the latest version in the C1 DSLR line of RAW Workflow Solutions which is being rolled-out today.

The extensive feature set of the new C1 SE RAW Workflow software is based on the C1 LE (Limited Edition) version, with the exception of the RAW conversion simultaneous batch limit being raised to 100 images (from 20 in LE) and the addition of the full camera support previously available only in the C1 PRO version. On the Mac platform, RAW conversion support is provided for the full line of Canon digital SLR's (1Ds, 1D, 10D, 300D, D30 and D60). On the Windows platform, the Nikon D1X and D100 are also supported, in addition to the full Canon DSLR lineup. All C1 versions, including the new C1 SE, provide unlimited batch processing by using the Quick Proof™ Export function which converts RAW files into high-quality proofs in approximately three (3) seconds each (depending on computer configuration).

To celebrate the release of C1 SE, special pre-release pricing of $199 is now available from the three authorized C1 web sites: www.c1dslr.com, www.pictureflow.com (US) and www.pixource.com (Asia).

Michael Tapes, Senior Product Manager for the C1 DSLR Product Group commented:

"We are very excited about the creation of the C1 SE version. This now allows 1Ds, 1D, and D1X owners using Windows and 1Ds and 1D owners using Mac, who do not require tethered operation, the Profile editor, and the numerous other "Pro only" features, to gain the unique and well known advantages of the highly-efficient workflow and superior image quality of C1 RAW conversion at half the price of C1 PRO. For non-pro shooters using high-end digital SLR cameras, we are confident that C1 SE provides the optimum solution. Our goal in creating the C1 SE DSLR version is to bring the C1 RAW workflow solution within reach of an even greater number of digital SLR photo pros and enthusiasts."

C1 DSLR RAW Workflow software is used daily by thousands of photographic pros and enthusiasts worldwide and is recognized as the most efficient, fully color-managed RAW Workflow image-processing solution for delivering the highest possible image quality from the new generation of digital SLR cameras.

For our many valued C1 LE (Limited Edition) registered users, a special one-time only upgrade to C1 SE, for $99, is available exclusively at www.c1dslr.com. Beginning January 1, 2004, the normal upgrade price will be $150. This upgrade not only enhances the C1 software with additional batch capability and camera support, but also puts the current C1 LE user into the C1 SE-to-PRO upgrade program to be announced shortly.

The C1 SE download will run in free trial evaluation mode, with no limitations, for a 15-day free trial period (remember however that special $199 pricing ends December 31).

Concurrent with the introduction of C1 SE, new Windows versions (V1.3) of C1 LE and C1 PRO will be released as well. These free maintenance upgrades feature the additional functionality of RAW Conversion support for the Canon digital Rebel (300D), auto-detection of online software updates and auto online product activation. Registered users can simply download and install the new V1.3 versions when they are released.

Beginning January 1, 2004 a new program for C1's upgrade policy will be launched which allows users to cost-effectively upgrade to more full-featured versions. Pricing will be such that the original purchase cost plus the upgrade cost will generally not exceed the retail product price of the upgraded product. Details of the upgrade program as well as a comprehensive product comparison chart can be found at www.c1dslr.com on or before January 1, 2004.

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