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Lemke Releases GraphicConverter 5.1
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Thursday, April 29, 2004 - 12:19 EDT)

Lemkesoft has released version 5.1 of GraphicConverter, its image editing program for Mac OS X and Classic. Highlights of the new release include previews and icons with digicam downloads, invert selections, Applescript access to all Exif tags and improved compatibility with Photoshop plug-ins.

The shareware fee for GraphicConverter is $35 ($30 without CD delivery). The program imports about 175 graphic file formats and exports another 75 with display in a browser or slide show and support for batch image conversion and AppleScript.

The complete list of changes in Version 5.1 follows:

� MacOS X version is now multiple language
� unicode filename editing support added to the browser
� picture information can now be scrolled in the browser
� display of unicode filename (on MacOS X) much improved (browser, window title, menu items)
� support for color table PNGs files with alpha color table added
� folder reading and display speed of NFS and Windows XP volumes in the browser much improved
� scroll weel works now in the preview window
� cursor color in detail window is now selectable
� selection will now show tool tips for the shortcuts
� possible crop during printing at paper size fixed
� download of photos from digital camera can now add preview and icon
� compare applescript command returns now if the images are equal
� possible temp file during catalog creation will now be deleted
� support for import of old ega pcx files added
� import of IPLab improved
� possible crash during dicom import fixed
� browser redraw issues fixed
� corrupt resource parts will now be ignored during icon creation
� download options from digital camera improved
� incomplete color profiles will no longer be ingnored
� option to open a preselected folder in the browser upon launch added
� bug with entering February 29, 2004 as IPTC date fixed
� redraw bug during erase/draw with icc profile fixed
� invert works now with selections, too
� folder item count display works now with unicode names, too
� download some images support now command + a for selection of all files
� bug during moving files with "#" char fixed
� applescript command to access all EXIF items added
� colorize function added
� browser can now display the search results in a new window
� browser e-mail supports now deletion of all metadata
� move bug on classic fixed
� glass blocks effect added
� scroll bar issues in the browser fixed
� file move bug on classic fixed
� iptc toolwindow resized for smaller displays
� tolerance for level effect is now adjustable
� crash upon opening JPEGs with corrupt looping EXIF directories fixed
� conversion to PDF works now from AppleScript calls, too
� B key darkens now the slideshow
� compatibility with Photoshop plug-ins improved
� menu item in the aspect ratio popup for definition added
� possible bug during scaling CMYK images by batch fixed
� shortcut for rename in browser added
� display error in IPTC window on classic fixed
� web catalog adds now the filename to the subpages
� support for import of 12 bit color table tiffs (4096 colors) added
� batch conversion of movies to other formats will only ask now one time for the conversion settings
� crop for photoservice allows now a double click for OK on the current selection
� display quality of images with less than 8 bit in the slideshow improved
� scanned images get now a number for each scan for easy savings
� FITS -> TIFF conversion will now keep 16 bit grayscale
� CMYK scitex images are now imported as CMYK (no longer as RGB)
� possible crash during savings JPEGs with very large color profiles fixed
� print folder will now set the correct page range in the print dialog
� downloading of images from a digital camera will now longer overwrite double files (it adds now a number after the name)
� ascii import improved (supports now grayscale)
� display speed of GIF animation improved
� HPGL import supports now multipage HPGL files
� support for automatic rotation after download of images from digital camera added
� other bug fixes and enhancements

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