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Qimage gets a major update
(Friday, May 14, 2004 - 10:17 EDT)

Mike Chaney, author of popular Windows imaging utility Qimage, just emailed us to let us know he's released a new version that brings some fairly major updates to the program.

If you're not already familiar with Qimage, we'd have to rate it as one of the most consistently useful (and frequently improved) shareware imaging programs we've come across. We use it regularly ourselves, and its features span the gamut from printing (the original forte and reason behind the program's existence) to image editing, filtering, batch-processing, management, comparison, slide-shows and a whole lot more besides.

Updates in Qimage v2004.200 include:
  • Full IPTC support: Added the ability to print a range of IPTC fields including title, author, caption, copyright, and more. Qimage v2004.200 allows you to add IPTC data to JPEG and TIFF images, view the data, print it, and do multi-folder searches for IPTC data using the IPTC data search facility. IPTC data is also carried over to saved/converted images when creating new images. Keep in mind that IPTC is a standard by which data fields can be embedded in JPEG and TIFF format images, so this option is not available for other image formats...
  • Improved stability on all operating systems: v2004.200 has improved startup and operating stability due to more streamlined code.
  • Interface improvements: Minor changes to the main window interface allow more room for thumbnails and reduce clutter on the main window.
  • New/improved customer order sheets: Use the new order sheet option to print order sheets for customers and quickly/easily reload the order sheet later to select needed prints/sizes by print number.
  • Floating text features: Ability to display the print number next to each print and also the page number for each page.
  • EXIF hotbar improvement: If the EXIF Hotbar is enabled, Qimage will now display EXIF and other file information not only for thumbnails in the thumbnail grid, but also for prints in the queue or on the preview page. The thumbnail number/print number is also listed on the hotbar when "tracking" the mouse over entries in the thumbs or queue/preview respectively.
  • Flash card copy/move: Improved the "Flash Card Copy/Move" feature so that files are sorted prior to downloading, ensuring that auto-renaming results in the proper order.
  • Browse Selected Image's Folder: Ability to select an image already in the queue and go directly to the folder that contains that image to select more images from the same folder.
  • New Session w/Selected: Ability to select images in the queue or on the preview page and start a new session based on those images. This feature assists in creating print jobs based on selections from an order sheet.
  • Add Another Copy of this Image: Ability to select an image (or images) in the queue or on the preview page and duplicate those images so that another copy of each selected image is added to the queue.
  • Order sheets: Fixed a problem that was causing order sheets to crash if more than about 300 images were added to the queue.
  • Posters: Fixed a problem that was causing the wrong number of pages to be generated in some cases when entering the number of pages to print in a poster.
  • Mirror/blemish: Fixed the blemish tool so that it works properly when the "mirror" filter is used.
A demo of Qimage can be downloaded for a 30-day trial, and the full program can be purchased for $44.95.

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