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The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content.

The StudioLine Photo 2 CD. Courtesy of H&M Systems Software, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. PRESS RELEASE: Latest Release of StudioLine Photo 2 Entices Full Spectrum of Photographers - From Amateur to Pro

More Image Editing Power, Smarter Camera Interface, RAW Added for Pros, Additional Designer Web Galleries, and Faster Database Response - All Top Off Latest Release

Upper Saddle River, New Jersey; May 17, 2004 - H&M Systems Software today introduced the latest version of its flagship StudioLine Photo 2 digital imaging software. It's designed for photographers, stock houses, graphic artists, hobbyists, and those requiring the ability to edit, archive, store and manage digital images. This latest release, offering added photo editing power, a smarter camera interface, professional RAW format support, new designer web galleries, and faster photo database response time will benefit current StudioLine Photo 2 users, along with those desiring an economical, yet versatile digital photo tool.

"The demand for digital photography continues to grow. However, after photographs are taken, many new photographers are unsure of what to do next. Digital imaging vendors offering packages with easy-to-use editing, archiving and web features, at an attractive price, will attract the attention of most photographers," said Ron Glaz, program director, digital imaging solutions, IDC.

Additional Functionality for Image Editing
The graphical user interface has been improved throughout StudioLine Photo 2 for maximum efficiency. The content of archived image folders can now be arranged by any image tag, in ascending or descending order. For instance, sorting by descending date order places the most recent, snap shots prominently at the top. Photos may even be sorted by hand, as if working at a light table. This manual sort order can be saved for later re-use.

A convenient "Image Tags Form" that organizes EXIF camera data, IPTC tags, and user descriptions in an outline view has also been added. The user can quickly combine relevant caption fields from the various categories into personalized groups, speeding data entry when archiving and storing images.

A new split-screen preview enables photographers to immediately assess the before-and-after effect of any image editing. Animal photographers and pet owners will enjoy an enhancement to the "Red Eye" feature, which corrects discolored pupils of our four-legged friends.

The "Standard Print" feature now enables images to be printed with a single mouse click. Users simply select one of 16 pre-programmed print sizes and layouts from a preview menu, including a "contact sheet" option, to conveniently and quickly print pictures. This feature is in addition to the "Custom Print" functionality that offers users access to custom formats, selective printing of image tags, per-image copy settings, and more.

Smart Camera Interface
Photographers no longer need to worry about erasing old pictures from their camera. StudioLine Photo 2 will recognize any duplicates.

A clever time-saver is the new "Auto-Rotate." Many digital cameras have an orientation sensor, and record the camera position with the picture. StudioLine Photo 2 will automatically import images right side up.

RAW Support and Productivity Options for Pros
StudioLine Photo 2 offers new advanced capabilities designed specifically for professional photographers and advanced users. RAW format images can now be imported from popular high-end camera models that support RAW. The "Color Channels" mix board offers highly sophisticated color corrections, attractive effects, and the creation of high quality black and white prints. Another feature that is designed for professional users is the ability of StudioLine Photo 2 to memorize different export settings. This ability enables project or client-specific preferences for file format, resolution, and quality attributes, all with one mouse click.

Expanded Web Support for Photo Galleries
New designer layouts enable even the most novice StudioLine Photo 2 users to publish impressive looking albums on the Internet. A preview menu gives access to theme-based layouts for babies, weddings, holidays, and other events, with new designs being added frequently.

Under the Hood
StudioLine Photo 2 offers improved performance of the image archive database, for even better response times. After re-engineering the CD and DVD writer libraries, StudioLine Photo 2 will support an even wider range of devices.

"This release addresses the sophisticated requirements of professional photographers, while benefiting amateur photographers requiring an easy-to-use, but scaleable 'goof-proof' tool," said Peter Oltersdorf, director of marketing for StudioLine Photo 2. "These enhancements have been added to better address the requirements of more mobile and diversified consumers who are interested in preserving memories."

Requirements, Availability and Pricing
StudioLine Photo 2 requires Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP, and is currently available at major stores, with a suggested retail price of $49.00. In Europe, the suggested retail price is €49.00 or 35. Electronic copies of the software can be purchased at the product web site http://www.StudioLine.biz for $44.00, or €44.00 / 31 in Europe. A free 30 day trial is available for download.

(First posted on Monday, May 17, 2004 at 14:33 EDT)

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