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The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content.

PRESS RELEASE: Preclick Ships Photo Organizer With Albums, CD-Burning

Editing Features Now Free in Preclick Silver Photo Organizer

Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, June 28, 2004 -- Preclick Corporation last week began shipping two new versions of its award-winning Preclick Photo Organizer 2.5, Gold for $19.95 and Silver for free.

The all-new Preclick Silver 2.5, available at www.preclick.com, www.download.com, www.pcworld.com and other download sites, includes a free 20-day trial of Preclick Gold bonus features that add CD-burning and home printing. Preclick Gold also comes with camera acquire and batch stamping. 

Preclick Silver 2.5 adds many new features for which users formerly paid $20: red-eye, crop, black and white, sepia, and easy album making. It reflects Preclick's view of the changing market for photo organizers.

"All photo organizer software applications will all be free within six months," said Brian Smiga, Preclick chief executive officer. "This makes our job simple: build the only software worthy of being on every PC desktop in the world. Any company that has millions of photos under management, as we now do, can generate profits from helping its customers do more with those photos. Therefore, as customers do more with photos, we and our OEM partners will add new features to free versions of Preclick-powered software." 

Beta testers reported the software to be the easiest to find, organize, edit and email photos. Finding and organizing digital photos was the top problem cited by consumers in Preclick research. Through SmartPhoto? technology, Preclick customers can embed descriptive labels inside their digital photos to make photos searchable. Customers can also scroll through hundreds of photos in seconds.


At one megabyte, Preclick is the only photo editing software that installs in seconds. Emailing is hassle-free as photos are automatically resized in the process. In one click, customers can remove red-eye, crop to preset or custom sizes, adjust brightness, rotate and convert their photos to black and white or sepia. These best-of-breed editing features are now free in Preclick Silver. Also, customers can easily create albums of their digital photos in Preclick. And in one click, they can order professional quality prints and create online albums at dotPhoto, and receive 20 free prints for setting up an account. 

"Fantastic product, it's the best I've used to date," said customer James McInerney. "I use Preclick all the time now for my digital pictures. I cannot commend you enough. It's just plain and simply great."


Preclick Gold 2.5 is the $19.95 upgrade to the company's free version. Preclick Gold's new features include camera acquisition with batch stamping and CD burning of digital photos for sharing and archives. It also includes Preclick's easy home printing technology, enabling customers to save time and paper with accurate print preview and printing of multiple photos per page. Customers who have already purchased Preclick Lifetime will receive a free upgrade.

"I don't worry about my digital photos anymore; I use Preclick Gold to burn CDs of all my photos for safe-keeping," commented beta user Patrick Weaver, owner of A-Plus Steno in New York City. "Since Preclick embeds the captions, subject, event, place and rating in each photo, it makes finding photos again on my hard-drive or on the CDs fast and simple."

With two clicks, customers with Preclick Gold 2.5 can "burn" or copy digital photos to a CD-R, as well as archive entire photo collections. Easy archival is a key request among many digital camera users like Weaver, who want the security of offline storage in addition to online and desktop albums.


CEO Smiga cited Preclick's camera acquisition with batch stamping as an example of the first-to-market feature set in the upgrade version, noting that no hardware manufacturers currently offer this feature in their bundled software. Preclick Gold 2.5 automatically imports images from users' digital cameras and "stamps" the photos with the customers' descriptions, like 'Honeymoon in Venice,' which appear in Preclick's PhotoBack(tm). The embedded information remains with the photo in Preclick, email and with other applications that support the XMP standard, like Photoshop.

Preclick's small footprint also facilitates customer adoption through the company's 'viral' promotion strategies.

"We designed this tiny software so that partners like Delkin, DotPhoto, Adorama, eXact and others could offer it to their customers via an instant download," said Smiga. "Our small code footprint will become important as more photo-finishers look to add software to CDs and portable drives and devices. We will soon announce Preclick in new distribution channels due to its small size."

For offering a product "as fun to use as it is easy to use", Shutterbug Magazine awarded Preclick Software the "Best of Show" at the Photo Marketing Association trade show in Las Vegas in March of 2003.

(First posted on Monday, June 28, 2004 at 13:25 EDT)

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