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93 Photo Street Illustrates Maps With Photos
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Friday, July 23, 2004 - 11:51 EDT)

Download free U.S. maps, pinpoint locations, link your images to them and roll your own HTML illustrated map with this new tool.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Available for both Mac OS X and Windows, Transmutable Software has released the first version of Trevor F. Smith's 93 Photo Street. The program arranges your images by location on a map instead of by filename or capture time in an album or slideshow.

It requires an Internet connection to download maps and 35-MB of disk space. Server space to publish your map is also recommended. A 30-day demo is available for download but the $30 program is free for educational, library or non-profit use.


Highlights include:

Download free maps of any US city and county from the U.S. Census road database or the U.S. Geological Survey elevation sets
Quickly find locations on your maps with address searches
Pick from a growing list of included Web designs
Automatically scale your images down for faster Web pages
Edit included Web designs or create your own using Velocity templates
Free 30 day downloadable trial
Free registration for schools and not-for-profits (see license)

Smith describes 93 Photo Street's simple map building process using a step-by-step example.

An Urge to 'Ship Products'

A former research engineer at Xerox PARC, Smith felt the urge to "ship products to actual people."

It was apparently a rewarding trek. "When I noticed that there were many people on the Web laboriously making photo maps by hand," Smith writes in his blog, "I was unaware that the realization would lead me to start a company, find an active geo-web community, discover what it means to be responsible for every single aspect of a software product, and eventually arrive at this personal milestone."

Example Maps, Contest

The Transmutable site includes a collection of example maps like U.C. Berkeley and a National Park spoof of San Francisco skyscrapers.

Smith also announced "the first ever 93 Photo Street Template Contest. Prizes include an Elph digital camera and a $100 Amazon gift certificate." Visit the contest page for details.

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