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The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content.

PictoColor's iCorrect EditLab Pro box. Courtesy of PictoColor, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. PRESS RELEASE: PictoColor Releases iCorrect EditLab Pro High Speed Professional Color Correction and Color Management Software

iCorrect EditLab Pro combines the highly-acclaimed, easy-to-use iCorrect technology with automated processes for fast and easy color correction and color management.

August 12, 2004-Burnsville, MN, USA, PictoColor Corporation has released iCorrect EditLab Pro color correction and color management software that enables photographers and photo labs to accurately color correct images with speed and precision. Based on an enhanced version of the award-winning and highly-acclaimed iCorrect "point-and-click" color technology licensed from Pictographics International Corporation, iCorrect EditLab Pro incorporates automated batch processing features designed to make digital photo color correction simple and extremely fast. Color accurate images are automatically profiled into a RGB working color space for use in a color managed workflow. Color correction parameters can be saved as ICC input profiles or as Custom Settings. It is available either as an Adobe Photoshop action enabled plug-in or a Stand-Alone application for rapid-fire batch color correction. The Stand Alone version features ProcessQ™, P ictoColor's new technology for automatically applying customized correction parameters or ICC input profiles to a group of pictures. Both versions are available for Macintosh or Windows operating systems.

iCorrect EditLab Pro combines what has become an indispensable digital color correction technology used by many digital photographers and photo labs, iCorrect by Pictographics, with programmable batch processing functions into a production color correction product. It offers a revolutionary, yet simple and straightforward, way of color correcting any digital picture and then applying the correction parameters to a batch of pictures taken under similar conditions. The goal of iCorrect EditLab Pro is to provide professional photographers and photo labs with a production tool that will save time and money in the production of accurate color managed pictures.

iCorrect EditLab Pro incorporates an enhanced version of the award-winning iCorrect "point-and-click" color correc tion technology. It begins by making the color right and finishes by making the color even better by applying very sophisticated color editing tools in a simple and easy to use form. EditLab Pro leads the user through a simple four step "point-and-click" color correction process including:

  • Color balance for removing unwanted color cast
  • White/Black point and Gray-Tone adjustments to optimize color range
  • Brightness/Contrast/Saturation controls, including independent Highlight and Shadow controls
  • Hue Selective editing-refines colors and saturation on a hue selective basis including predefined Memory Colors such as Skin tones, Blue Sky, and Foliage Green.
Color correction parameters can be saved to automatically color correct a batch of similar images. Custom Settings may be stored and recalled for batch processing using ProcessQ in the stand alone-version or Photoshop Actions in the plug-in version. Color correction parameters may be saved as ICC profiles for application in any ICC compatible batch processor.

iCorrect EditLab Pro includes the following features:

iCorrect Color Correction and Color Management Technology by Pictographics
  • Color Balance-Click on white, black, or gray to automatically remove color caste
  • Set Black/White/Mid-tone automatically or manually with histogram
  • Adjust Brightness, Contrast and Saturation
  • Independent Shadow and Highlight adjustments
  • iCorrect Memory Colors-predefined memory colors automatically correct skin tones, foliage, and sky. Create, edit, and add custom memory colors.
  • Smart Color Assist-analyzes image and sets best correction starting points.
  • Corrected image is profiled into selectable RGB color space to color managed workflow
  • Create, edit, and apply ICC input profiles
Process Functions
  • "Start With" Function automatically applies SmartColor, Custom Settings, Previous Settings or Reset corrections to image as it opens.
  • "Start W ith" Hot Buttons: Change "Start With" mode from front panel to change color correction settings on the fly.
  • Save Custom Settings: Color correction settings may be saved for future recall.
  • Load Images into Queue: load any number of images into queue for automatic or manual correction. View thumbnails to select images. (Stand Alone version feature)
  • ProcessQ: automatically apply Custom Settings, SmartColor, or Previous Settings to images in the queue. (Stand Alone version feature)
  • Photoshop Action Enabled for automatic processing in Photoshop (Plug-in version feature)
  • Create ICC input profile: color correction settings may be saved as an ICC input profile for application in iCorrect EditLab Pro, Photoshop or other ICC image processor.
  • Edit ICC input profiles created by digital camera or scanner ICC profile software.
  • Apply ICC input profiles.
  • Before/After view for comparing original and corrected images.
  • Zoom with scrolling for precise color c orrections.
  • RGB reference color space of corrected image is selectable.
  • Destination folder for corrected images may be designated.
  • File format of corrected images may be selected and changed from original.
  • Files formats: tiff, tiff/LZW, jpeg, bmp
  • Color resolution: 24 bit, 48 bit, 48 bit Linear
  • Microsoft Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, 2003, XP Home and Professional
  • Apple Macintosh 9.2, 10.X
  • Plug-in compatible with Photoshop 6, 7, & CS, Photoshop Elements 2.0, Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 &8, Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9, Ulead Photo Impact XL
Available for either Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh operating systems iCorrect EditLab Pro may be purchased at PictoColor's secure on-line store at www.picto.com for $149.95 as a software download. An upgrade to the new iCorrect EditLab Pro is available to current users of Pictographics iCorrect EditLab for $59.95 as a software download.

About PictoColor
PictoColor&nbs p;is a leading developer of easy-to-use time saving photo editing, color correction and color managment software featuring revolutionary iCorrect color correction technology by Pictographics International Corporation. PictoColor is the home and exclusive distributor of iCorrect and inCamera color products and CorrectPhoto digital photo editor companion to Windows XP, as well as a resource for related imaging products and services. PictoColor products serve digital photo enthusiasts, professional photographers and photo labs. PictoColor is located at 2216 East 117th Street, Burnsville, MN 55337, Tel: 952-894-6247, Fax: 952-894-0784, www.picto.com. Contact: [email protected]

Copyright 2004 PictoColor Corporation. PictoColor™ and CorrectPhoto™ are trademarks of PictoColor Corporation. Pictographics®, inCamera®, iCorrect®, and CandelaColor® are registered trademarks of Pictographics International Corp. All trademarks referenced in this document, whether identified as trademarks or not, are the sole property of the legal owners of such marks. Pictographics makes no such claims to any such marks nor willingly misused or misapplied any marks.


(First posted on Friday, August 13, 2004 at 10:07 EDT)

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