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The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content.

Just Show Me How logo. Click here to visit the Just Show Me How website! PRESS RELEASE: Nationwide "Just Show Me How" seminars to showcase digital photography tools and techniques for advanced amateurs and professionals

Industry-leading imaging companies partner to educate and inspire digital photographers in 20 U.S. Cities

Anaheim, CA and Tampa, FL - September 6, 2004 - Digital photography has evolved over the past few years to the point where it provides photographers with more control and flexibility than ever before. However, it is also now more complex. With this in mind, leading digital imaging companies, including Extensis, GretagMacbeth, Lexar, Mirra, Nik Multimedia and Wacom, are coming together to educate digital photographers on the best tools and techniques for managing, enhancing and processing digital photographs. The Just Show Me How seminar tour for advanced amateur photographers, is scheduled to begin in September 2004, and will visit 20 cities through December 2004. Adobe and Microsoft have also recently announced their participation in this tour.

The Just Show Me How-Professional tour, for professional photographers, will visit ten cities beginning in January 2005.

While a well-informed photographer is empowered by the new possibilities, others face frustration, poor results, and lost images. Most photography seminars focus only on the traditional topics of capturing, printing, and editing images, but miss other important steps in the digital photography process. The Just Show Me How tour fills this major gap.

Just Show Me How tour attendees will learn to manage and manipulate images with confidence and speed, while also getting the best results possible from the images captured. They will learn a variety of tips and tricks to create stunning photos to share and treasure. Appropriate for advanced amateur photographers and photo enthusiasts-those who have a passion for photography and who want to push the edge on their digital imaging skills-the Just Show Me How tour will empower attendees to get the most from their photos, while making digital photography a lot more fun.

The half-day seminars are taught by Blue Pixel PhotoCoaches, experienced professionals and digital photography experts, who provide an unbiased, real-world perspective on how to make digital photography simple and fun. Specifically, the Blue Pixel PhotoCoaches will show attendees how to:

  • Capture and download images quickly
  • Easily organize, manage, and locate pictures
  • Enhance and stylize photos with the latest photographic filters
  • Gain greater control for quick and easy editing
  • Experience accurate, predictable color every time
  • Share photos simply and creatively with friends and family
  • Instantly protect and access photos from anywhere
  • Make photography a lot more fun!
The Just Show Me How-Professional tour 2005 will present full-day seminars for professional photographers, covering similar topics but in much greater depth.

Seminar Registration Details
Interested seminar attendees should visit www.puredigitalfun.com to register for an upcoming event. The cost to attend is $49 in advance or $69 for day of, walk-in registration.

9/18/2004 Anaheim, CA / Tampa, FL
9/25/2004 Austin, TX / San Francisco, CA
10/2/2004 Atlanta, GA / Portland, OR
10/9/2004 Charlotte, NC / San Diego, CA
10/16/2004 Phoenix, AZ / Washington, DC
10/30/2004 Denver, CO / New York, NY
11/6/2004 Chicago, IL / Seattle, WA
11/13/2004 Boston, MA / Dallas, TX
11/20/2004 Baltimore, MD / San Jose, CA
12/4/2004 Los Angeles, CA / Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

About the Just Show Me How partners:
  • Adobe (www.adobe.com) helps people and businesses communicate better through its world-leading digital imaging, design and document technology platforms for consumers, creative professionals and enterprises
  • Blue Pixel's (www.bluepixel.net) mission is to teach digital photography from an unbiased, real world perspective by leading digital photographers.
  • Extensis (www.extensis.com), a Celartem company, is the world's leading provider of software solutions that empower digital asset creators and users
  • GretagMacbeth (www.gretagmacbeth.com) is a leading innovator of enterprise color management technologies for graphic arts and digital imaging, paints, plastics, apparel, textiles and automotive, among other industries.
  • Lexar (www.lexar.com) is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high-performance digital media and accessories.
  • Microsoft (www.microsoft.com), founded in 1975, is the worldwide leader in software, services and Internet technologies for personal and business computing.
  • Mirra (www.mirra.com) delivers the only smart and easy way to store, share, retrieve, and protect digital photos - the Mirra Personal Server.
  • Nik Multimedia, Inc. (www.nikmultimedia.com) provides innovative software solutions for the emerging digital imaging, photographic, and graphic design markets.
  • Wacom Technology (www.wacom.com) is the leading manufacturer of pen tablets, interactive pen displays and pen input technology for mobile devices.

(First posted on Thursday, September 9, 2004 at 17:25 EDT)

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