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The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content.

Kodak's logo. Courtesy of Eastman Kodak Co. Click here to visit the Kodak website! PRESS RELEASE: Kodak Delivers on Digital Strategy at Photokina 2004

World's Picture Leader Unveils a Broad Array of Innovative Partnerships and Products That Enable Anytime, Anywhere Picture Sharing

COLOGNE, Germany, Sept. 27 -- Eastman Kodak Company, continuing to execute its digitally oriented growth strategy, today announced a broad array of innovative partnerships, products and services that will transform the way people share their lives through pictures -- anytime, anywhere.

Kodak is presenting at Photokina 2004 (Hall 4) a complete digital imaging system that connects picture taking with storing, organizing, sharing and printing. The innovations include an agreement with many of the world's leading digital camera manufacturers, who will design future cameras that fit onto KODAK EASYSHARE Printer Docks. This unprecedented partnership will give more consumers the ability to enjoy prints from the world's fastest-growing seller of snapshot photo printers.

Other Kodak highlights to be found at Photokina, the world's largest imaging fair, include photo-printing enhancements, new digital cameras, wireless printers for the home and at retail, as well as partnerships to improve image quality on digital cameras and other photo capture devices.

"Kodak is committed to providing products and services that allow customers to more easily share their lives through photography, and to providing our retail partners with new ways to increase their business," said Daniel A. Carp, Kodak's chairman and chief executive officer. "The products and partnerships we are introducing at Photokina are another demonstration of Kodak's innovation and strong commitment to extending its leadership into the digital century."

Simplifying At-Home Picture Printing
Building upon the global success of KODAK EASYSHARE printer docks, Kodak -- along with a group of other major consumer digital camera manufacturers -- announced a new specification designed to simplify at-home picture printing. Millions of consumer digital cameras from Kodak, Konica Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Ricoh, and Sanyo will use the IMAGELINK print system to provide effortless, one-touch printing from KODAK EASYSHARE printer docks.

Using the IMAGELINK print system, people will be able to dock their cameras and then press a single button to make snapshot-sized (4x6-inch, or 3.5 x 5-inch) pictures in as little as 60 seconds. The first cameras and printer docks supporting the IMAGELINK print system - all of which will incorporate a new, small 26-pin connector - are expected to be available worldwide beginning in the first quarter of 2005.

Anytime, Anywhere Photo Printing Solutions
Kodak is offering a complete range of new and enhanced products and services that provide new image sharing and printing experiences to the increasing number of camera phone owners. At home, on the street, at work, at retail or on holidays anywhere around the world, camera phone owners can instantly and wirelessly give and get access to their images by choosing the most appropriate Kodak solution.

At home, the new KODAK EASYSHARE Printer Dock Plus quickly and effortlessly makes real KODAK 4x6-inch pictures from nearly any digital source at just the touch of a button, in as little as 60 seconds each. People can wirelessly transmit pictures from their camera phones to the Printer Dock Plus, which also prints directly from digital cameras and memory cards - all without the need for a computer. Thanks to KODAK Color Science technology, the Printer Dock Plus delivers pictures with vibrant, accurate colors-including hard-to-reproduce skin tones. In addition, a new auto enhance button instantly corrects for underexposed (dark) shots, a common occurrence in low-light situations with phone cams and when using digital cameras beyond their flash ranges.

Outside their home, camera phone users can easily enjoy instant printing at retail locations throughout the world with the new KODAK Picture Maker G3 kiosks. Through KODAK Mobile Service ( www.kodakmobile.com) Kodak offers camera phone users anytime, anywhere access to all their digital photos and phone-captured video.

Improving Image Quality
A critical component in any digital imaging device, the image sensor acts as the "eye" of a digital camera by converting light into electric charges to begin the capture process. Kodak and IBM recently announced a multi-year agreement that will leverage Kodak's broad portfolio of image sensor technology and IBM's leading-edge complementary metal oxide sensor (CMOS) processing expertise to allow Kodak to commercialize a new family of CMOS image sensor (CIS) devices. This powerful combination, another milestone in Kodak's effort to accelerate the growth of its digital business, will enable Kodak to supply sensors that offer higher performance, improved image quality and more innovative features than current CIS devices.

Professional Quality Output
Kodak introduced two new output options for professional and advanced amateur photographers to produce high-quality pictures at home and through a professional lab.

The new KODAK PROFESSIONAL 1400 Digital Photo Printer is an affordable system for professional and advanced amateur photographers that delivers outstanding quality and durability of KODAK prints immediately at home, in studio or on location. Part of the venerable family of KODAK PROFESSIONAL thermal printers, the new Kodak printer features 90-second print time, gloss and matte finish output capabilities and carries a suggested list price of $549 U.S.

To help photographers and professional labs worldwide reach the highest print quality possible, Kodak and Durst Phototechnik AG announced an agreement to work more closely in the field of photographic output devices and media.

New Kodak EasyShare Digital Cameras
In addition to the EASYSHARE Printer Dock Plus, Kodak presented several other products, including extensions of the popular EASYSHARE digital camera line with the new DX7590 (10X optical zoom, 5 megapixels) camera.

Continued Commitment to Traditional Photography
Kodak also underscored its commitment to traditional photography with the introduction of new 35 mm cameras designed for emerging markets and improved professional films for the advanced amateur market.

The new KODAK EC100 35 and KODAK EC300 35 cameras provide the millions of people in emerging markets with an easy, affordable entry into traditional photography. At the same time, Kodak is also introducing a stylish and affordable range of CAMEO 35 mm cameras. CAMEO cameras are sophisticated, sleek and include Kodak's unique flip flash that efficiently reduces red-eye by separating the flash from the lens.

Kodak also introduced an improved line of KODAK PROFESSIONAL ELITE Color Films for the advanced amateur market. The ELITE Color films, now available in 200 and 400-speeds, offer vibrant color saturation and exceptional skin tones, making them the ideal choice for a range of applications including landscape, nature, wildlife and family/lifestyle.

"Our products and services demonstrate that Kodak has a strategic, comprehensive plan to continue to support traditional photographers and to lead consumers and retailers into the exciting world of digital imaging so people can enjoy photography anytime, anywhere," Carp said.

About Eastman Kodak Company and infoimaging
Kodak is the leader in helping people take, share, print and view images -- for memories, for information, for entertainment. The company is a major participant in infoimaging, a $385 billion industry composed of devices (digital cameras and flat-panel displays), infrastructure (online networks and delivery systems for images) and services & media (software, film and paper enabling people to access, analyze and print images). With sales of $13.3 billion in 2003, the company comprises several businesses: Health, supplying the healthcare industry with traditional and digital image capture and output products and services; Graphic Communications Group, offering on-demand color printing and networking publishing systems consisting of three wholly owned subsidiaries: Encad, Inc., NexPress Solutions, and Kodak Versamark; Commercial Imaging, offering image capture, output and storage products and services to businesses and government; Display & Components, which designs and manufactures state-of-the-art organic light-emitting diode displays as well as other specialty materials, and delivers imaging sensors to original equipment manufacturers; and Digital & Film Imaging Systems, providing consumers, professionals and cinematographers with digital and traditional products and services. For more information visit: www.kodak.com.


(First posted on Friday, October 1, 2004 at 14:46 EDT)

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