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PictureSync-icon.gif PictureSync Updated for Tiger
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Monday, June 20, 2005 - 11:35 EDT)

The Macintosh image uploader adds a number of new features with this Tiger-compatible update.

Holocore (http://www.holocore.com) has updated PictureSync, its $14 Macintosh utility to simplifiy batch uploading of photos and video clips to online services. The new version adds Tiger compatibility and a number of new features.

The company described the revision as "a milestone in the development of PictureSync -- with new functionality and services whilst also taking advantage of some 'under the hood' Tiger technologies. It is compatable with both 10.3 and 10.4."


  • YouTube (for movies only)

  • Zoto

  • Fotki

  • Real PhotoVideo

  • FTP servers

  • Folders (for export)


  • Annotation editor

  • RAW import [10.4]

  • XMP import (with improved IPTC import)

  • Online IDs and upload status (IDs) are now remembered for all pictures [10.4]

  • Reverse the import order

  • Restrict upload bandwidth usage

  • A new icon.


    li>Create albums with most of the services

  • Upload movies to SmugMug and FotoTime

  • Improved cross-linking with Vimeo

  • Support for Flickr privacy settings per image (using keywords)


  • If you get error messages when uploading or accessing the settings, please try deleting your account(s) then re-create them

  • Variables and annotations for keywords/tags in the settings must now be separated with commas, otherwise they will not be treated as separate values

  • $product is now $object

  • The annotation suppression preference has been removed (similar functionality will be restored in the next version)

  • Other tweaks and bug fixes.

Visit http://holocore.com/?PictureSync to download the latest version.

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