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graphicconverter.gif Lemkesoft Releases GraphicConverter 5.8
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Friday, February 10, 2006 - 13:53 EST)

Batch Exif text export and slide show improvements highlight the new release.

Lemkesoft has released version 5.8 of GraphicConverter, its venerable image image conversion program. GraphicConverter is currently available as a Universal Binary but the company has released version 5.8 for OS 9 as well.


  • batch Exif text export added as function to "Convert&Modify"
  • facesaver import added
  • make square batch added
  • shadow display of slideshow text option added
  • shadow display option added to browser
  • copy geotiff position to clipboard added

  • color profile dialog improved
  • gamma slider added to operator (for large screens)
  • printing dialog improved
  • slideshow with find improved
  • espf preferences simplified
  • browser preferences optimized
  • file list can export width and height in mm and resolution as separate field
  • multimonitor support improved
  • color profile dialog shows all local stored profiles
  • slideshow and scan button in browser simplified (click on arrow shows options, click on icon use last setting)
  • folder popup in Convert&Modify resizes with window size
  • slideshow rotation shortcut can be toggled in the slideshow
  • slideshow prefs optimized
  • window content prefs optimized

  • bug in AppleScript properties with make command fixed
  • update bug after font size change in browser fixed
  • bug in print catalog with fixed size fixed
  • alias in slideshow supports long filenames
  • possible jump of selection with visible operator fixed
  • many bug fixes and enhancements for the Universal Binary version

To download the new release, visit Lemkesoft. GraphipConverter is available for a shareware fee of$30.

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