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scanR's logo. Click here to visit the scanR website! New service offers digicam faxing, scanning
(Monday, March 13, 2006 - 14:19 EST)

Palo Alto, California-based scanR Inc. has today announced a new service that allows digicam owners to use their cameras for scanning and faxing.

The service is said to work with both digital cameras and some camera phones with one megapixel or greater resolution. Photos of whiteboards, documents, etc. are uploaded to ScanR's site, where proprietary software fixes problems with lighting and camera blur, then corrects for skewed images. The document can then be returned to the user with text extracted and tagged, suitable for subsequent searching, faxing and the like.

The service is currently available as a free, unlimited trial. Future paid, premium services are planned.

Original Source Press Release:

scanR Enables Camera Phones and Digital Cameras to Scan, Copy & Fax; Improve, Organize and Search Photos of Whiteboards and Documents

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 13, 2006--scanR, Inc. today launched the first service that enables camera phones and digital cameras to scan, copy and fax. Using scanR is as simple as taking a photo with a camera phone or digital camera and emailing it to scanR. The service cleans photos of whiteboards and documents, automatically tags the keywords, and delivers the results as a PDF file in email or as a fax.

Image processing
scanR uses advanced image processing technology to overcome common digital imaging challenges such as low lighting, shadows, blurring, and skewed orientation in order to provide consistently high-quality results in a wide range of conditions. This allows people to get an exact digital copy of their information, quickly and easily, using the devices they already carry.

Document tagging
scanR helps people save information digitally and allows them to easily find the information using desktop search tools, such a Google(TM) Desktop or Microsoft(R) Windows Vista(TM). Each document sent to scanR is tagged with the keywords extracted from the text on the paper. This enables easy organization of documents scanned with scanR and quick searches for the original on the user's desktop or related information from the web.

Mobile faxing
scanR lets people email digital copies or send faxes while travelling or at home, without seeking and paying for a copy center.

"Saving, finding, and sharing printed documents and handwritten notes are challenges that everyone faces," said Rudy Ruano, CEO of scanR. "scanR brings mobility to the multi-billion dollar scan, copy and fax market, by taking the scanner off the desktop and putting it in your pocket."

"My job requires substantial travel, and as a result I am constantly looking for a Kinko's or hotel business center to fax or scan contracts and diagrams," said Joe Huebner, an enterprise sales executive. "With scanR, I have the ability to immediately send paper-based information digitally."

Pricing and availability
scanR works with most 1 megapixel or better camera phones and digital cameras. Camera phone users should check scanR.com for information on support for their particular model and mobile carrier. Some features will not work with lower quality camera phones.

scanR is currently available as a free unlimited trial. The company plans to introduce premium paid services in the future.

About scanR, Inc.
scanR enables camera phones and digital cameras to scan, copy and fax. Using scanR, people can turn paper into useful digital information in a few simple steps. The scanR service cleans photos of whiteboards and documents, extracts and tags keywords, and delivers the results as a PDF file in email or as a fax. scanR is currently free and has thousands of users located around the world. More information is available at scanR.com.

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