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XtraLean Releases Shutterbug 2.0
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Monday, April 3, 2006 - 14:55 EDT)

Web creator adds iPhoto integration, password protection and more.

XtraLean has released version 2.0 of its $49.95 Shutterbug [M] Web site builder that creates image galleries based on style templates. Version 2 adds iPhoto integration, password protection, the ability to easily add media player files to your pages, contact forms, interface improvements and more.

New in Two

Among the highlights in this major update for version 1.2 are:

• Add Xtras to your page such as Quicktime movies, flash, xtra text, images
• Add HTML code such as contact forms, counters, etc.
• Thumbnail rollovers
• RSS feed
• iPhoto integration
• Password Protection of pages
• FTP & SFTP support (requires either CyberDuck or Transmit)
• Theme Library
• External links to Navigation
• File Save As and Revert
• File Archive
• Navigation Sub menus
• Add images to navigation to create rollovers
• Copy settings from one template to another
• Preview in External Browser
• Right to Left text handling (for Arabic and other RTL languages)
• Two more font styles in Text content

Shutterbug Feature List

The program's full feature list includes:

• Content editor separates the photos and text from the look, making it easy to change your style or text content without redoing everything 
• Built-in ImageWell editor lets you crop, rotate, add labels, thought clouds or talking balloons to images, and zoom in on photos for a creative touch
• More than two dozen built-in themes, plus downloadable theme packs coming soon
• Upload changes on the fly with the handy Send button.
• WYSIWYG layout editor lets you change anything or everything by just dragging and dropping - no HTML required 
• Export to a dot Mac account, WebDAV, FTP/SFTP or to a folder on your computer
• New theme library lets you add, delete, and store the themes of your choice
• Use the built-in browser to preview your site, view slideshows, and test hyperlinks before uploading
• Drag and Drop your pages to reorder them, choose to not show certain pages in your navigation menu, add external links to your navigation, and include submenus.
• Files feature lets you add and upload external files with your site.
• Password protection for private viewing on the web.
• Add a RSS Feed to let others know of new additions and changes to your site
• File Archiving for collabortation and backup
• Customize pages using templates and add, delete, and copy templates
• iPhoto integration for importing iPhoto libraries
• "Easy" button for inserting links and encrypted email addresses

System Requirements

• Mac OS X 10.3.9 or OS X 10.4.3 or better
• Universal Binary support for Intel-based Mac and PPC
• Internet Connection and Web host space for uploading web sites
• ShutterBug support dot Mac accounts, WebDAV, FTP/SFTP (requires Transmit or CyberDuck), and export to a folder on your computer

XtraLean notes on their site, "ShutterBug is versatile and not limited to making just photo albums. We made this entire site with ShutterBug to give you an idea of the kind of power you will have at your finger tips."

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