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ROXIO.JPG Roxio Releases Toast 7.1
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Monday, July 3, 2006 - 11:33 EDT)

Released as Universal Binary, the new version fixes some QuickTime-related issues as well and includes updates to CD Spin Doctor, Motion Pictures HD and Deja Vu.

Roxio (http://www.roxio.com) has updated Toast, its Macintosh CD/DVD burning application, to version 7.1. The new release, a universal binary, includes an updated CD Spin Doctor (v3.1), Motion Pictures HD (2.1.2), and Deja Vu.

Issues addressed in the Toast update include:

• Previewing Apple Lossless audio files in Audio CD format no longer causes a -50 error.
• Resolves QuickTime Movie video export issues related to the QuickTime 7.1 update.
• Resolves menu button highlight issues on Toast authored DVD-Video discs related to the Mac OS 10.4.6 update.
• Canceling the User Authentication step during the Toast Setup Assistant no longer causes a -60007 error.
• The rename file field now moves correctly during scrolling up and down.
• The content window no longer incorrectly scrolls when no horizontal scrollbar is displayed.
• Resolves issues related to invalid characters in Mac Only, Mac & PC, and DVD-ROM UDF formats.
• Resolves issues related to Music DVDs (audio playing back too slowly and static sound with some files at higher quality settings).
• Resolves issues related to AppleScript (script was causing a -43 error).
• Media Browser now correctly parses a YesVideo DVD with still images.
• Includes an updated version of Deja Vu which preserves existing symlinks.

In CD Spin Doctor v3.1:

CD Spin Doctor v3.1 is now a universal binary application.

In Motion Pictures v2.1.2:

• Toast 7.1 compatibility fixes.

The package updates any prior version of Toast7 Titanium to version 7.1, covering all prior version 7 updates.

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