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Ben Long Updates Photoshop Action Pack
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Friday, August 4, 2006 - 12:58 EDT)

The new collection of Photoshop Actions for the Mac adds 11 actions and supports Raw file workflows.

Ben Long has released Photoshop Action Pack 3.0, a free set of 85 actions that can control Photoshop from OS X's Automator. The new release includes a 70-age manual, sample workflows and a batch manager.

"This updated version adds support for Camera Raw files, new non-destructive editing capabilities, Save for Web, several new actions, and a few important bug fixes," Long notes on Complete Digital Photography, his Web site where the pack can be downloaded.

"The Photoshop Action Pack provides 85 Actions that allow you to control a tremendous number of Photoshop's functions. In addition, the Action Pack includes special filter operations that let you sort images based on various criteria including EXIF and IPTC tags, color mode, size, orientation and aspect ratio. With the Photoshop Action Pack, you can execute complex batch operations that are impossible with Photoshop's own internal Actions," he writes.


The new version can open Camera Raw files so Photoshop will automatically read and apply any previously stored conversions. "This means you can now use an Automator workflow to batch process raw files that you've already configured in Camera Raw," Long says.

This version also includes features to facilitate non-destructive editing, such as the creation of Adjustment Layers. In addition, CS2 users can access Photoshop's Save for Web to optimize images intended for Web pages.


The 11 new actions include: Add Layer, Add Empty Adjustment Layer, Add Graphic Watermark, Channel Mixer, Duplicate Current Layer, Paint Daubs, Photo Filter, Resize to File Size, Scale to X by 10 Percent, Swap Colors, Exposure, and Reduce Noise.

The complete list of actions includes:

• Add Empty Adjustment Layer
• Add Graphic Watermark
• Add Layer
• Add Watermark
• Arbitrary Rotate
• Assign Color Profile
• Assign Custom Profile
• Assign Epson 2200 Profile
• Assign Epson 2400 Profile
• Auto Contrast
• Auto Levels
• Bleach Bypass
• Change Bit Depth
• Change Mode
• Change Pixel Aspect Ratio
• Change Resolution
• Channel Mixer
• Clouds
• Color Balance
• Convert to Profile
• Copy Data to IPTC
• Crop
• Deinterlace
• Desaturate
• Deselect
• Despeckle
• Diffusion
• Do Action
• Duplicate Current layer
• Dust and Scratches
• Edit IPTC Info
• Exposure (CS2 only)
• Filter by Aspect Ratio
• Filter by Bit Depth
• Filter by Color Mode
• Filter by EXIF
• Filter by File Type
• Filter by IPTC
• Filter by Orientation
• Filter by Size
• Fit Image
• Flatten Document
• Flip Canvas
• Gaussian Blur
• Glass
• HDR Merge
• Hue/Saturation
• Invert
• Load Selection
• Maximum/Minimum
• Mono Gaussian Noise
• Motion Blur
• NTSC Colors
• Ocean Ripple
• Open as Raw Data
• Open
• Paint Daubs
• Photo Filter
• Pinch
• Polar Coordinates
• Posterize
• Purge
• Radial Blur
• Reduce Noise
• Render
• Resize Canvas
• Resize Image
• Resize to File Size
• Resize to X by 10 Percent
• Restore Original File List
• Ripple
• Scale Image
• Shadow/Highlight
• Sharpen Edges
• Sharpen More
• Smart Blur
• Smart Sharpen (CS2 only)
• Sphereize
• Swap Colors
• Threshold
• Trap
• Trim
• Twirl
• Unsharp Mask
• Use Currently Open Documents

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