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The iView MediaPro logo. Courtesy of Microsoft, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Click here to visit the iView MediaPro website! Microsoft Updates iView MediaPro
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Tuesday, February 27, 2007 - 11:05 EST)

Highlights include D40/D80 and Vista compatibility with bug fixes including a crash caused by corrupt DNG files.

Microsoft today released an update for iView MediaPro, its digital asset management software.

According to the version history, the updated addresses the following issues:

• Fixed crash caused by importing corrupt DNG files

• Updated Nikon Libraries for compatibility with Nikon D80/D40

• Fixed a problem where Nikon raw photos might not orientate

• Various Vista compatibility updates

• Fixed issue with some .XMP sidecars not being recognized

• Fixed problem where preferences might not be displayed
correctly (Mac)

• Fixed problem where Shockwave Flash files might not play

• Fixed a few issues with Batch Rename

• Various other fixes

The update is available at no charge for current users from the MediaPro download page.

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