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Kodak Logo Kodak Releases EasyShare Software v6.0.2 for OS X
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Thursday, April 12, 2007 - 11:46 EDT)

The One Touch to Better Pictures feature is no longer available. New features? Not listed.

Kodak has released the Macintosh OS X version of its free EasyShare Software v6.0.2, nearly seven weeks after releasing v6.2 for Windows (http://www.imaging-resource.com/NEWS/1172257203.html).

According to the ReadMe file, "Once you upgrade EasyShare software, your collection may no longer be compatible with earlier versions of the software."

The file also notes, "The One Touch to Better Pictures feature is no longer available. If you are not using a Kodak printer, visit www.kodak.com/go/printersettings for the settings for your printer." No mention is made of new features.

The 51.3-MB download is available on the EasyShare download page.

Known Issues and Limitations

The ReadMe notes the following issues with this release:

• Using Apple iPhoto export plug-in. During installation an export plug-in is placed in the iPhoto application. This Plug-in is compatible only with iPhoto versions 1.1.1 and later. To upgrade to the latest version, go to www.apple.com.

• The iPhoto Library cannot be selected as a picture source during installation. For information on adding pictures to your collection from the iPhoto Library, choose Help -> Kodak EasyShare Help. Click Using Your Collection, then click Export Pictures from the iPhoto Application.

• Pictures rotated in the iPhoto application do not retain their rotation when added to your collection. To rotate the picture in EasyShare software, select the picture in My Collection, and then click the Rotate icon.

• Pictures exported to another Users directory are not automatically added to your collection. When exporting pictures, select a folder in your Users directory.

• Transferring pictures from a Kodak EasyShare printer dock. If you experience a problem using a KODAK Printer Dock Plus Series 3 to wirelessly transfer pictures, check for an upgrade to the printer dock firmware.

• Synchronizing album names and email nicknames with the device. You cannot use Japanese text or extended ASCII characters (for example: accented characters, umlauts, and so forth) for album names and email nicknames you want synchronized with the device.

• Updating pictures in a shared album. When viewing albums shared by others, Option-click the album in the Collection navigation pane to display any pictures the owner added to the shared album since you last viewed its contents.

• Copying files to the device. You may experience a problem sending files (other than firmware files) to some Kodak devices, and communication with the device may be lost.

• Files copied to a write-enabled device may not be immediately available in Review mode. To refresh Review mode, turn off the device, and then turn it on.
Working with tagged pictures/videos. To interrupt an automatic task, use the Cancel option (Command + period), and then disconnect the device.

• Do not disconnect a camera or eject a picture card from the card slot while EasyShare software is transferring or synchronizing pictures.

• Burning a CD or DVD. The Burn CD/DVD feature is qualified for use with Apple factory-installed CD-R, CD-RW, and SuperDrive model drives. Using other model drives may produce unexpected or undesirable results.

• When using the Allow additional burns (multi-session) option, burn all CD/DVDs using the same drive.

• The state of the drive tray (opened or closed) may not always be accurately represented in the Burn CD window. After inserting a CD or DVD, always wait for the drive to become ready before clicking Burn.

• Deleting pictures/videos. If you move pictures/videos to the Trash when it is empty, the files may not immediately appear, although they are in the Trash. This is a limitation of the Macintosh operating system.

• Emailing pictures/videos. Some proxy servers may not allow you to send email from EasyShare software.

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