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houdahGeo.png Houdah Software Updates Beta HoudahGeo
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Friday, April 13, 2007 - 14:34 EDT)

Highlights of the new beta releases (three in the last two days) include support for Magellan, batch geocoding using Google Maps and an improved geocoding algorithm.

Houdah Software today updated its public beta of HoudahGeo, its Macintosh geocoding application that adds latitude, longitude and altitude information to the Exif header of an image.


Highlight of the three updates over the last two days include:

HoudahGeo 1.0b7

• GPX import: Support for files created using MacGPS Pro

• GPS device import: Workaround for an odd GPSBabel behavior

HoudahGeo 1.0b6

• EXIF export: Fixed a bug where tagging failed on files with upper case file name extension

• GPS device import: Interruptible

HoudahGeo 1.0b5

• Geocoding: Much improved algorithm

• GPS device import: Bug fixes, Support for Magellan

• Geocoding using Google Maps: Geocode multiple images in one step

• EXIF export: Support for many RAW image formats, Bug fixes

• Google Earth export: Timeline information within Google Earth, Track prefix + suffix by configurable number of minutes, Bug fixes

• General: Large image previews, Improved error handling, Improved performance

About HoudahGeo

"With HoudahGeo you may 'pin' photos to the locations where they were taken" the company explained. "The thus created information may be exported to Exif tags as well as to Google Earth KMZ files. Such a file allows for browsing your photos within Google Earth."

The program can operate in several modes, depending on whether or not you use a GPS receiver:

- Fully automatic mode is available when a track log file from a GPS receiver is provided.

- Finer control is possible by attaching photos to waypoints created using a GPS device.

- When no GPS device is available, manual geocoding is possible through integration with the Google Maps service.

For more information or to download the beta, visit http://www.houdah.com/houdahGeo/.

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