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Photoflex Offers Free Fill Light With Top Two Kits
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Saturday, May 26, 2007 - 13:47 EDT)

Buy a main light (strobe on continuous) and the company includes a free fill light through June.

Photoflex has announced a manufacturer's rebate offer through the end of June on two of their most popular lighting kits. When you buy either the strobe or continuous light kit, the company includes a fill light at no additional charge.

The two promotional offers include:

• The strobe StarFlash 1000ws Mercury 5-foot OctoDome kit with bag comes with a free 300ws StarFlash monoblock ($424 value)

• The continuous lighting StarLite Medium Kit comes with a free StarLite QL head and connector ($283.90 value)

OctoDome Kit

The $1,479.95 OctoDome Kit features a StarFlash 1000 monobloc stroke head in an OctoDome3 soft box designed for 3/4 and full length portraiture. The StarFlash 1000 offers variable power up to 1000 watt/second and uses high-quality German flash tubes. It includes a reinforced, wheeled PVC carrying bag.

Kit contents include:

• StarFlash 1000

• Medium (5') OctoDome soft box

• StarFlash Connector

• Tilt Swivel Mount

• Lamp cover

• LiteStand 2214

• Large Carry Bag for entire kit

StarLite Kit

The $713.95 StarLite Medium Digital Kit 1 features everything you need to do tabletop product shots plus head and shoulders portraits, including the light head and a SilverDome soft box with a stand.

Kit contents include:

• StarLite QL light head

• StarLite Connector

• 2-1000 watt StarLite lamps,

• Medium SilverDome soft box,

• LiteStand 2218 (10' 8")

More Information

To get the deal, purchase a kit from either Photoflex or a particpating dealer, send the completed promo form to Photoflex and the company will ship the free fill light to you.

For more information, visit the Photoflex Rebate page.

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