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lightzone.jpg Light Crafts Releases LightZone 3.0.5
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Thursday, June 28, 2007 - 11:01 EDT)

The lower-cost version of LightZone is now available in version 3.0.

Skipping a few minor versions from 3.0.2, Light Crafts today released v3.0.5 of LightZone, its intuitive image editing software based on the Zone System. Highlights of the new release include:

New Features

• LightZone Basic ($149.95 new or $39.95 upgrade) is now available again.

Bug Fixes

• The problem with some Sony Raw photos opened with the wrong dimensions has been fixed.

• In some cases, you would get a Save dialog even though the Auto Save preference was enabled.

Camera Support

• Kodak P712, Nikon D40x, Olympus SP-550UZ and Samsing GX10 Raw files are now supported.

Other changes

• If a photo is read-only, the ability to edit metadata is now disabled.


In his blog (http://fricc.blogspot.com/), CTO and Founder Fabio Riccardi, writes, "With LightZone we are trying to build a photographic tool where a certain amount of intuitiveness can be regained in digital image manipulation."

LightZone attempts to provide this with both a "consistent image manipulation framework" where the results don't surprise you and image editing tools that "are closer to the way human beings seem to perceive and analyze visual information."

Riccardi goes on to explain how the Zone System encourages "visual thinking" and LightZone's Zone Finder, Zone Mapper and Region Masks provide an intuitive approach to image editing.


Launching the application will report the existence of a new version and take you to the download page.

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