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NIKON.GIF Nikon Releases New Transfer and Viewer Apps
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Friday, September 21, 2007 - 11:55 EDT)

Nikon Transfer copies images while embedding info during the transfer. ViewNX displays NEF and JPEG images in three modes but also allows multiple image editing and rating.

Nikon has released two new free utilities for Mac OS X and Windows to transfer images from Nikon cameras to your computer and to view them in multiple modes with some basic editing features.

Following are the product descriptions from Nikon:

Nikon Transfer

Nikon Transfer is a software application that allows for the simple transfer of images captured with a Nikon digital camera or images recorded to media such as memory cards, to a computer. It also allows for back-up copying and embedding of information including copyright into image data during transfer.

• Nikon Transfer allows you to specify a software application to launch automatically after images are transferred. When ViewNX (image browser) is selected, smooth collaboration with ViewNX allows for natural operation. Use of these two applications together is recommended. See information regarding ViewNX.

• Labels and ratings, as well as information including titles and creator, can be applied to images as they are transferred.

• Image attributes and transfer status can be verified in the Nikon Transfer thumbnail list area and thumbnail display can be categorized by shooting date, file type or camera folder setting.

• Nikon Transfer allows for specification of a second destination folder, in addition to the primary destination, for saving images to two folders for back-up purposes. This provides back-up of important images in case of deletion of image files from the computer or similar such accidents.

• Independent sound files (.WAV) recorded by cameras with the voice recording function can be transferred.


Mac version (20.3-MB)

Windows version (37.5-MB)


View NX is a powerful new software application for viewing NEF Raw and JPEG images. Nikon Transfer is requried for transferring images from a camera or card to the computer and PictureProject Export Utility is required from making the transition from PictureProject to ViewNX.

• ViewNX offers the following three modes for viewing images: Thumbnail Grid mode for viewing image thumbnails; Image Viewer mode displays a selected image at a large size; and Full Screen mode displays an image full screen.

• Raw+JPEG format images recorded simultaneously can be viewed separately or treated as a single image for simpler management.

• Exposure Compensation, White-balance adjustment and other adjustments can be performed on multiple images at one time, using "Picture Controls," within the supplied "Picture Control Utility".

• Labels and Ratings can be applied to individual images for simpler classification, management and display: 10 labels are available for image classification. Labels can specify images displayed, images sent as email attachments or printed or images copied to another folder; Images may be rated up to five stars to indicate importance or priority. Images within a specified span can be displayed and also Labels and Ratings recorded use industry standard formats so that they are preserved and recognized in other applications using the same standard.

• Focus area, histogram, highlights and shadows displays are available.

• A convenient quick zoom feature is available for verifying focus.

• Enter information such as Creator, Origin, Image Title and Keywords in XMP/IPTC Information for managing images.

• Copies of images are easily created for attachment to email messages.

• Resized copies of images can be saved and images can be converted and saved in TIFF or JPEG format.

• A third-party software application can be registered for smooth integration with a favorite imaging application.

• ViewNX and Nikon Transfer offer smooth collaboration. Use of these two applications together is convenient and recommended.

Mac version (62.8-MB)

Windows version (46.8-MB)

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