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Dymo's DiscPainter. Courtesy of Dymo, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Dymo: Add color to writable disc media
(Monday, December 10, 2007 - 12:04 EST)

Dymo, the brandname best known for its labeling products, has announced a new device that lets consumers quickly and easily print colorful "labels" on writable CD and DVD media.

The Dymo DiscPainter is based on technology from Elesys Inc. dubbed "RadialPrint", and as the name implies this means that the disc is spun much as it would be in a CD or DVD drive while the non-writable top surface is being printed with the user's chosen design. At 600 dots per inch resolution, the process takes about one minute; this slows to around three minutes at the highest 1,200 dpi resolution. Nine ink density settings are available, allowing the device to print to either glossy or matte CDs or DVDs, and the included "Discus for DYMO" software offers dozens of templates to give users a creative start.

The Dymo DiscPainter costs $279, has USB 2.0 connectivity, and comes with three printable discs (type unspecified) plus enough full-color ink to print around 100 discs. Replacement cartridges are around $50 apiece, and offer the same printing capacity. Unfortunately, getting consumers to see this as a good value may prove a challenge for Dymo; certain existing inkjet printers can already write to media in much the same manner as the DiscPainter (and they can double as a regular printer as well - something this device can't do).

While inkjets may lack the "cool factor" of seeing the print appear as the disc spins, Dymo is still going to have to compete in a printing market where the printers themselves are often sold at a significant loss with the intention of making money on replacement ink cartridges later. The DiscPainter is an interesting proposition, but given that the first 100 discs are effectively going to cost a fairly steep $2.79 each to print, and subsequent discs will still run 50 cents apiece afterwards, it does seem to be a rather tough sell.

Dymo's DiscPainter. Courtesy of Dymo, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Click for a bigger picture!

Original Source Press Release:


Lets Users Design and Print High-Quality, Full-Color Disc Graphics in About a Minute

STAMFORD, CT – Clear, colorful images are just the beginning of what’s in store for users of the new DYMO® DiscPainter™ CD/DVD printer. For the millions of professionals who make their living in the visual and creative industries, as well as the many more serious hobbyists, DYMO DiscPainter offers the first dedicated CD/DVD printer under $300 to print full-color, 600 DPI graphics in about a minute.

“ DiscPainter blows the roof off previous offerings in this category,” said Nelson Hsu, DYMO Global Marketing Director. “It’s not only fast, easy and surprisingly affordable, but offers design options that take users to new levels of artistic expression.”

“ DiscPainter reflects DYMO’s commitment to providing innovative, breakthrough products,” said Philip Damiano, president of DYMO, a leader in on-demand labeling and specialty printers.  “Like our growing portfolio of technology products for home and office, DiscPainter is expected to capture the category as well as the imagination of its users.”

At the heart of DiscPainter’s high quality images is RadialPrint™ – or “spin” – technology. This allows DiscPainter to print directly on the disc as it spins, creating professional quality images quickly. The result is quality images that pop and get noticed.

WOW Factor
“ DiscPainter is as much about creative expression as it is about image quality,” said Hsu. “It offers infinite possibilities for both the novice and experienced designer to create and manipulate text, fonts, colors and graphics, using your own or any of the dozens of ready-made canvasses included with the software. DiscPainter makes it so easy to create and print discs, users will be inspired to use it again and again for all their disc printing needs.”

The “Discus for DYMO” software also features a photo collage tool that allows users to incorporate as many as 16 photos in their designs. It also works with design programs such as Adobe Photoshop®, Illustrator®, In Design®, QuarkXpress® and SureThing™.

Hip Discs
DYMO DiscPainter’s clean look and compact size (about the size of two CD jewel cases) echo the demands many creatives have for sleek, minimal design -- especially from their electronics. And because DiscPainter prints directly onto the CD or DVD surface as it spins, it eliminates the need for messy markers or meddlesome labels, which can jam printers, fade, peel, and tear over time.

Take it for a Spin
Mac and PC compatible, DiscPainter features three print quality modes that lets users print up to 600 DPI graphics in about a minute, and 1200 DPI images in about three minutes. Whether printing matte or glossy CDs or DVDs, it delivers precise results with nine ink density settings.

DiscPainter uses inkjet printable discs. It can also be programmed to print multiple discs. The process is simple: insert the disc, select the design and the quantity and print. The single-cartridge ink system can print about 100 discs (full-size or mini discs) without replacement. It also lets users print the entire printable face of a disc – from outer edge to inner hub – in full color.

Priced at $279, DYMO DiscPainter comes packaged with a USB 2.0 cable, AC power supply, three inkjet printable discs, and a full-color ink cartridge to print about 100 discs.
DiscPainter will be available in October 2007 through direct and IT channels such as CDW and Amazon.com, and for Holiday 2007 at consumer electronics stores nationwide. For more information, visit www.dymo.com.

About DYMO
DYMO is the leading global manufacturer of on-demand labeling and specialty printing products for home, office and industry. DYMO operates as a strategic business unit of Newell Rubbermaid within Sanford Brands. Sanford Brands manufactures and markets writing instruments, art products and office organization supplies, led by a powerful brand family including: DYMO®, Sharpie®, Paper Mate®, Parker®, Waterman®, EXPO®, rotring®, Reynolds®, Berol® and Rolodex®, among others. For more information, visit www.dymo.com.

About RadialPrint™ Technology
RadialPrint™, RadialPrint™ Technology and the RadialPrint™ Technology logo are trademarks of Elesys, Inc.

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