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The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content.

PRESS RELEASE: Fotocommunity Unveils LinkedIn-Like Feature As US Expansion of Worldwide Online Photo Meeting Place Kicks Off At PMA

Europe’s Leading & Largest Photographic Community Site Showcases US Commitment With Enhanced Innovative Social Networking Technology At German Pavilion M 200-5

BONN, GERMANY – January 29, 2008 – fotocommunity, Europe’s premier online meeting place for photographic enthusiasts and pros to share ideas and inspiration, unveils dynamic additions such as a new LinkedIn-like feature during its US expansion – at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA®) International Convention Trade Show, January 31 – February 2, 2008 in Las Vegas.

PMA is billed as the world’s largest annual imaging event attended by more than 20,000 photographers and related professionals from around the globe. It is a perfect venue to kick off fotocommunity’s deepened commitment to those in the US with an intense passion for photography. The site’s expanded social networking platform for photography enthusiasts, professionals and artists alike – the largest in Europe – is showcased this year with a more US-centric approach in the German Pavilion area of the floor in Booth #M200-5.

Also at PMA08 fotocommunity launches new user-friendly tools, such as its latest relationship-based tool, an “activity feed.” This all-new LinkedIn-like feature gives www.fotocommunity.com members an even greater ability to network and discuss photography. The additional social networking technology facilitates connections among like-minded people who have met on site.

In addition, the media has an opportunity to preview the all-new fotocommunity features at “DIGITAL FOCUS,” press event on the eve of PMA from 7:00-10:00pm, January 30th, at The Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas (http://www.pepcom.com/pephome/pephome.html).

All-new Dynamics For Digital Photo-philes
PMA marketing research reveals that digital imaging has grown into an impressive $87 billion industry around the world. Under the careful directorship of fotocommunity founder Andreas Meyer, the old axiom “ a picture is worth a thousands words” has not only survived in the new multibillion dollar digital market, it has flourished. More than 700,000 members from all across Europe now come to fotocommunity to share their love of photography, receive feedback, and participate in the dynamic exchange of ideas and inspirations found nowhere else – on line or in person.

"I created fotocommunity to be much more than just an Internet website. It is a living community that transcends the net with members from across Europe getting together daily to exchange experiences and ideas about a common passion – photography. The fotocommunity team and I are extremely pleased to launch new features that concentrate on relationships and communications at PMA. It marks our renewed commitment to provide the growing number of people here in the US who share a deep passion for digital photography with their own virtual community in which they can share photos and information," Meyer says.

Registration on fotocommunity is free, although the number of photos each free visitor may post on the site is limited. The site offers membership upgrades on three levels: Basic, Pro, and World. Membership upgrades are well-priced, with a Basic subscription of approximately $6 USD per month. Although registered visitors to the site can participate in fotocommunity, members receive advanced benefits that enhance the community experience, including the ability to post more photos in a shorter time period. For more information on membership visit: www.fotocommunity.com/pc/pay.php. In all cases, photos posted on www.fotocommunity.com are subject to review. And therein lies a key difference.

Unlike other sites that may function as electronic “storage” space for online photos fotocommunity was created as a vibrant, virtual community in which true “photo-philes” can present and discuss photographic work of every type. Comments, photo postcards, chats, text forums, and linked pictures and profiles all help create the site’s unique community feeling. It is not unusual for a new member to receive multiple “welcomes” and comments on his or her first posting – from pros who use fotocommunity to spot and start the latest trends to avid enthusiasts who share a passion for the same photography style or an interest in a hot visual trend. In fact, since fotocommunity was founded in 2001, members have written over 60 million reviews for approximately 11 million photos. Currently, fotocommunity receives approximately 200 million page views every month. For more info on Fotocommunity, visit: http://www.cjcstrategists.com/resources/fc/backgrounder.pdf

The community is offered in five languages: German, French, Italian, Spanish, and English. PMA08 attendees have an opportunity to explore www.fotocommunity.com and all the considerable benefits the site brings to the US photo industry, including the following enhancements and updates:

  • An enhanced user interface – just-released, an enhanced interface puts all site functionality on one screen with easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate bars and tabs that make browsing the site a breeze. US members will find the “world tab” of particular interest, giving them ability to access photos by category from all over the globe with one click.
  • A favorite photos bookmark – launched in January, the bookmark feature allows fotocommunity members to designate and share their favorite photos easily with an additional feature that makes specific information public to visitors of their pages.
  • An all-new model database – in January, the site began offering fotocommunity members access to an extensive database of headshots via sedcards.
  • An upcoming social networking feature – during the first quarter of 2008, fotocommunity will launch an all-new LinkedIn-style “activity feed” that allows an “enhanced buddy list” to share recent photography-related interests and projects.
  • A brand-new slide-show showcase – during 1Q08 as well, members will have the ability to instantly connect photos and news from fotocommunity to their respective websites so they can showcase their talents and interests to the world in the latest slide-show format.
  • A 2008 international photo contest – as part of the site’s regular contests, a brand-new international competition will begin in February. US members are invited to participate.

Communal Connections That Extend To Real Life
By far the greatest allure for photography enthusiasts is the site’s easy exchange of ideas and discussion with like-minded people. The community created among fotocommunity members has proven to be so strong, it has extended beyond the virtual realm into real life.

Over 2,400 user-organized events take place every year. Members are able to organize informal gatherings, collective photo tours, regular meetings and more, using the site’s interactive calendar. fotocommunity further supports these activities by hosting fotocommunity festivals that historically have drawn thousands of people throughout German-speaking areas. For more information on the Festivals visit: http://www.cjcstrategists.com/resources/fc/FestivalBrochure.pdf

"We are looking forward to deepening our commitment to a large and diverse market such as the US. It’s diversity, after all, that has kept fotocommunity fresh and exciting, even for longtime users. Travel and sports photographers can find others that share their interests just as easily as an office worker who is pursuing a passionate photo hobby," Meyer adds.

About fotocommunity
Founded in 2001, fotocommunity (fc) today is an Internet community of approximately 700,000 avid photographers and photographic enthusiasts and houses more than 10 million photos worldwide. As Europe's largest platform for those with an intense interest in photography, www.fotocommunity.de is a convergence of laymen, professionals and artists alike. With 200 million page views per month, fotocommunity is quickly becoming a global phenomenon. www.fotocommunity.com, with its English user interface, is increasingly popular, along with the Italian-language www.fotocommunity.it. A French-language www.fotocommunity.fr fotocommunity and Spanish-language www.fotocommunity.es fotocommunity were launched at the photokina, the world's largest photography exhibition, in 2006.

For more information visit: www.fotocommunity.com

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(First posted on Friday, January 25, 2008 at 14:44 EST)

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