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TakeGreatPictures captures readers' photographic tastes
(Tuesday, February 26, 2008 - 10:05 EST)

Which famous hamburger would you most want to photograph?

Perhaps not a question you're asked every day, but that's exactly what photo tips and tutorials website TakeGreatPictures.com recently asked of its readers. The results are in, and the most photo-worthy burger is apparently the "Original Burger" at New Haven CT's "Louis' Lunch". TakeGreatPictures members were also asked for the snack tour they'd most want to photograph, with Waterbury VT's Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Tour.

OK, we'll grant you that the link to photography is a little bit tenuous, but TakeGreatPictures.com does offer an excellent resource for great tips on improving your photos. Check it out!

Original Source Press Release:

Ben & Jerry's Wins Say TakeGreatPictures.com Readers!

Results Are in for Favorite Vacation Photos Ops


The days may be short and the weather chilly, but TakeGreatPictures.com readers are already thinking about summer vacations, road trips, burgers, and tasty treats. In a recent survey posted on TakeGreatPictures.com for six months, readers were asked to choose which famous snack tours and hamburgers they'd most like to photograph.

The results are in, and Ben & Jerry's is tops. 30% of TakeGreatPictures.com readers say they'd most like to photograph the famous ice cream operation in Waterbury, VT. The Hershey's Great American Chocolate Tour in Hershey, PA and the Jelly Belly Candy in Fairfield, CA tour placed second and third, respectively.

When it comes to burgers, The Original Burger at Louis' Lunch in New Haven, CT is still the champ- 26% of TakeGreatPictures.com readers would most want to photograph the back-to-basics patty that is grilled vertically and served between two slices of toast with nothing more than cheese, tomato, and onion. Coming in second is the deep-fried burger at Dyer's Burgers in Memphis, with the the peanut-buttery Guber Burger of the Wheel-Inn in Sedalia, MO placing third.

For amateur photographers planning to shoot pictures of burgers, ice cream, jellybeans, or anything else close up, TakeGreatPictures.com recommends a point-and-shoot model that has a macro mode on the menu, an optical zoom and an indoor lighting option. Visit TakeGreatPictures.com's online "Camera Comparison Guide" to compare all the consumer models currently on the market.

Polls originally ran in the "Your Turn" section of TakeGreatPictures.com. Complete poll results are below.

Which snack tour would you most want to photograph? (2408 votes)
1. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Tour-Waterbury, VT30 %
2. Hershey's Great American Chocolate Tour-Hershey, PA --23 %
3. Jelly Belly Candy Tour-Fairfield, CA --19 %
4. World of Coca-Cola Tour-Atlanta, GA --17 %
5. Cape Cod Potato Chips Factory Tour-Cape Cod, MA --11 %

Which famous hamburger would you most want to photograph? (1673 votes)
1. The Original Burger- Louis' Lunch-New Haven, CT --26 %
2. Deep Fried Hamburger- Dyer's Burgers-Memphis, TN --22 %
3. The Guber Burger- Wheel-Inn-Sedalia, MO --20 %
4. Steamed Cheeseburger- Ted's Steamed Cheeseburgers-Meriden, CT --18 %
5. The Butter Burger- Solly's Grille-Milwaukee, WI --14 %

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