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PHANFARE.GIF Phanfare Improves Web Client
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Friday, April 18, 2008 - 12:52 EDT)

Phanfare CEO Andrew Erlichson announced improvements to the service's Web client today. Text of the announcement follows:

We released some new features today.

The most significant portion of this release is a new Web client for managing your photos and videos. In addition to a complete re-write of the user interface to adjust to screen resolutions, show a lot more thumbnails and better enable image transforms, new functionality has been added to the client. New features include:

• Re-ordering of images using drag and drop

• Choosing slideshow music from your music library (still can't upload your own music but this will hopefully be coming soon. You can do this from the downloadable client)

• Add, delete and edit sections

• Zoom to see larger image

Other changes

• Added more navigation elements to the header ribbon that include easy access to key site areas like the friends and family list, adding friends and family, viewing messages, edit albums, etc.

• From the add friends and family page you can now preview the invitation to connect email

• From the friends and family page you can switch a connection from friend to family and vice versa by clicking on "edit connection."

• The inbox has been re-organized to break out messages and invitations into separate tabs.

• New privacy setting to not publish news items when a new album is created. This will keep all new albums from being included in the content notifications of your friends and family.

• New privacy setting to not allow your photos in the montage of your friends and family.

• New display settings to not show items in messages feed when friends and family add connections or when others join groups that you are a member of.

• There is a new setting for groups that allows anyone to join a group without being invited. This will allow large organizations (schools, religious organizations, etc.) to publish the group URL in a newsletter and have all members be able to join the group. Members will still need to register and group admins can still remove people from the group and control who can add content to the group. There is also a group setting to not show the group member list on the group home page.

Much of the Web client user interface work was enabled by Yahoo's YUI toolkit. Thanks Yahoo!

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