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hpd5400.jpg HP Unveils D5460 Printer, Compact Photo Printers, New Writing System, Improved Paper
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Tuesday, July 15, 2008 - 00:40 EDT)

You can have "the whole pie" now, according to HP, with an improved porous paper, 1.3 picoliter color dye printing and new photo printers that deliver longevity, instant drying and a wider color gamut.

HP today introduced several new printers, one of which introduces a new printhead and cartridge system and all of which enjoy an improved Advanced photo paper.


The improved Advanced photo paper features a new coating that increases the color gamut of any printer that uses the paper. The specially coded sheet is comprehensible not only to the newer models but to existing HP printers because it uses the same Advanced codes as earlier versions.

The real difference is achieved in the coating itself, which delivers a more saturated red (26 percent more, according to the company) and improved shadow detail.


While older printers will print better on the new paper, the new D5400 Series printer that HP introduced today will surpass even that with its new writing system.

That system employs new semi-permanent printheads that, while user replaceable, are designed for the life of the printer. It features, in the D5400 Series, two different droplet sizes: 5 picoliters for the pigment black that delivers laser-quality text and 1.3 picoliters for the three color dye inks and photo black.

The smaller dye size makes it possible to eliminate light magenta and light cyan from the mix without reducing the color gamut.

Each of the colors are contained in separate cartridges, but you can buy the cartridges in two sizes. Inexpensive $9.99 cartridges are available as well as $14.99 XL-size color cartridges, which deliver two to three times more page yield. You can buy an XL cartridge for any color and use the inexpensive ones for any other color, too. The black XL cartridges are $26.99.

The new system provides 60 years of light fade resistance (behind glass) and 13 years of ozone fade resistance (on your refrigerator). They're water resistant, instant dry porous papers with a polyethylene protective layer on both sides.

HP estimates the price of a 4x6 at 24 cents each if you purchase the paper and ink cartridge value packs. The packs are printed with ISO page number yields to reflect how many prints you can expect from the set.


To take advantage of the new system, you need the $99 HP Photosmart D5460 printer introduced today and available in August. The company describes it as "an easy-to-use printer capable of meeting all [your] printing needs, from documents and Web pages to lab-quality photos, creative projects and even personalized CDs and DVDs."

Key features include:

• Five individual HP Vivera inks mean you only ever have to replace the cartridges that run out. Four inks deliver lab-quality photos; pigment-based black ink is perfect for crisp, sharp text. Optional high-capacity XL ink cartridges available.

• Print photos, text and graphics directly onto printable CD/DVD media for great gifts or simply for easy identification. Get the job done faster with document printing at up to 33 ppm black, 31 ppm color; photos as fast as 18 seconds.

• A range of helpful tools including HP Smart Web Printing, auto-engaging photo tray and PC-free photo printing via memory card and 1.5-inch color display.

• Designed for home users wanting an easy-to-use printer capable of meeting all their printing needs, from documents and Web pages to lab-quality photos, creative projects and even personalised CDs and DVDs.


HP also introduced two new compact photo printers designed to print photos as large as 5x7 or panoramas up to 4x12. They include a new Quick Connect feature that uses the two-way USB protocol to install a driver on your Mac or PC the first time the two devices are connected.

Using tricolor 110 cartridges on the new porous Advanced paper, these printers yield prints with 50 years light fading resistance and 10 years ozone fading resistance.

The no-frills $99 A530 replaces the A520 while the $149 A630 replaces the A620, adding a touch-screen, more creative options (like multilingual greetings, pet and human red-eye reduction, captioning, clip art and albums). Both models offer PictBridge and Bluetooth PC-free printing but the A630 can also be run from an optional battery. They too will hit the shelves in August.

Original Source Press Release:

Consumers Can Print Like Pros, at Home or on the Go, with New HP Printing Solutions

PALO ALTO, Calif., July 15 -- HP today announced new printers and printer technology that enable users to add creative touches to images and produce stunning photos and vivid documents, just like the pros.

Highlights of the announcement include:

• Two stylish, compact and portable photo printers: one that boasts more than 300 creative features and the largest touchscreen available on any portable photo printer and another that includes an adjustable display and prints photos up to 5x7 inches -- the only printer at its price to offer photos of this size.

• A new five-ink printing system that achieves the print quality previously only offered by HP's six-ink systems while giving consumers better control over costs by requiring fewer cartridges to manage.

• A home printer that enables printing from the web and features the five-ink printing system to deliver enhanced image quality and permanence, increased versatility and convenience and the value of individual ink cartridges.

New Tools

The HP Photosmart A630 Compact Photo Printer features a 4.8-inch touchscreen -- the largest available on any portable photo printer -- and includes more than 300 ways to edit, draw, touch up and customize photos up to 5x7 inches -- with or without a PC.

The HP Photosmart A530 Compact Photo Printer produces personalized, lab-quality, smudge- and fade-resistant photos up to 5x7 inches, anywhere. Users can get creative, for example, by adding borders and clip art to create fun photo projects.

These versatile, energy-efficient printers have convenient fold-up paper trays, adjustable displays and built-in handles; plus, with the optional HP Bluetooth adapter, users can wirelessly transfer photos from a Bluetooth-enabled camera phone or other device. (1)

The HP Photosmart A630 and A530 Compact Photo Printers are expected to be available in August priced at $149 and $99, respectively. (2)

Smart Solution

The HP Photosmart D5460 Printer prints vibrant, lab-quality photos and laser-quality text documents with ease. The printer includes HP's new five-ink printing system and several convenient features such as a 1.5-inch color display, memory card slots, an auto-engaging photo tray and the ability to print photos and text directly onto CDs and DVDs (3), making printing photos and projects easier than ever.

The HP Photosmart D5460 also includes HP Smart Web Printing, which enables simple, predictable printing from the web. Customers can use this feature to save ink and paper and reduce their environmental impact by combining multiple Web pages onto one printed page. (4)

The HP Photosmart D5460 Printer is currently available for purchase at the affordable price of $99. (2)

Affordable Printing

Debuting in the HP Photosmart D5460 Printer, HP's new five-ink printing technology gives customers more control over their ink cartridge costs while delivering high-quality output for brilliant photos and quickly prints everyday documents.

The printing system includes a single dual-drop-volume printhead that delivers an extremely small drop size, allowing users to print finely detailed images and graphics with smooth transitions.

The five-ink system includes four HP 564 dye-ink cartridges in cyan, magenta, yellow and photo black for vivid color and black-and-white lab-quality photos. The fifth cartridge contains black pigment ink for laser-quality black text on plain paper and enhanced document quality when printing on ColorLok paper.

With five individual ink cartridges, customers get the right ink combination for each printing project, from photos to presentations. Priced at $9.99 each (2), the new HP 564 ink cartridges allow customers to replace each ink cartridge separately as needed.

Customers wanting even fewer cartridge changes and a better value for frequent printing can choose high-capacity HP 564xL ink cartridges, which offer three times more black printed pages and two times more color printed pages, for a 40 percent savings on color printing compared with standard Original HP ink cartridges. (5)

The HP 564 Photo Value Pack offers customers increased savings with 150 sheets of 4x6-inch HP Advanced Photo Paper and four HP 564 ink cartridges filled with HP Vivera inks in cyan, magenta, yellow and photo black, all in one box. Priced at $35.99, (2) the HP 564 Photo Value Pack creates prints for as little as $0.24 per photo. (6, 7)

Recycled Plastics

The HP Photosmart D5460 printer's long-lasting, dual-drop-volume printhead introduces a new use for recycled plastic. The printhead uses 55 percent recycled polyethylene terephthalate plastic, which is derived from Original HP ink cartridges collected from customers through the HP Planet Partners return and recycling program and other sources, such as water bottles.

HP offers easy recycling of HP 564 cartridges at no extra charge through Planet Partners, available for inkjet supplies in 42 countries and territories around the world.(8) HP ensures that all HP print cartridges collected through Planet Partners are recycled responsibly -- never sending them to a landfill.

Improved HP Advanced Photo Paper

With HP 564 ink cartridges and HP Advanced Photo Paper, customers can enjoy fast-drying prints with improved water and smudge resistance. Now, with improved features such as deeper blacks and more vibrant colors, HP Advanced Photo Paper enables customers to generate lab-quality, highly vibrant color photo prints that dry instantly.

This mid-weight, durable paper has a sturdy photo feel and is available in a wide range of sizes from 4x6 inches to 13x19 inches, with glossy and soft-gloss finishes. When used with the new HP 564 inks, HP Advanced Photo Paper demonstrates more than 60 years of display fade resistance.(9)

More information about HP's printing solutions launch is available in an online press kit at http://www.hp.com/go/hpprintlikeapro.

HP Service & Support

HP printers are backed by HP Total Care, the company's comprehensive service and support program. With HP Total Care, consumers' choices for convenient support include online support options such as printer diagnostics and software driver updates with HP Printer Check; real-time chat with a support agent; as well as 24x7 toll-free phone support in English or Spanish.


(1) HP Bluetooth USB 2.0 Wireless Adapter not included. Please purchase separately. Bluetooth capability may vary depending upon device.

(2) Estimated U.S. street prices. Actual prices may vary.

(3) Requires printable CD/DVD media. Not included, sold separately.

(4) See operating systems and systems requirements for compatibility.

(5) Compared with HP 564 Black/Color Ink Cartridges. High-capacity cartridges not included; please purchase separately.

(6) Actual cost may vary based on the retail price, printer used, images printed and other factors.

(7) Average based on HP testing methodology and continuous printing. Actual yield varies considerably based on content of printed pages and other factors. More information about page yield is available at http://www.hp.com/go/learnaboutsupplies. HP 564 Black Ink cartridge for text printing not included; installation necessary for printer operation.

(8) HP ink cartridge return and recycling is available in 42 countries and territories around the world, covering 89 percent of the addressable market. Details are available at http://www.hp.com/recycle.

(9) Based on Display Permanence Rating by Wilhelm Imaging Research Inc. or HP Image Permanence Lab. Details are available at http://www.hp.com/go/printpermanence.

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