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NIKON_2.GIF Nikon Announces Six New CoolPix Digicams
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Thursday, August 7, 2008 - 13:28 EDT)

Flagship P6000 introduces a new Raw format.

Nikon has just announced six new Coolpix cameras! Nikon said the new cameras are designed to make the shooting, sending and sharing of photos easy and fun for all levels of photographers.

We'll be posting a release on each camera shortly, but meanwhile here are the highlights for each of the new models:

Coolpix P6000

The flagship Coolpix P6000 integrates a new, built-in global positioning system unit, to record "geotags" of the location where images are captured based on their latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates when a picture is taken. It features 13.5 megapixels, a 4x wide-angle Zoom-Nikkor lens with Extra-low Dispersion (ED) elements, Optical VR Image Stabilization technology and the power of Nikon's exclusive EXPEED image processing concept.

The unit introduces another Raw format to the world, too. The P6000 captures NRW Raw files using Windows Imaging Component under Vista. Nikon said it is developing a codec so third party applications can decode the new format. meanwhile, images shot in the new NRW Raw format can be opened and viewed in ViewNX (available early October 2008).

The Coolpix Picture Control System in the P6000 features intuitive controls that enable users to adjust their images to pre-set color palette parameters such as Standard, Neutral, Vivid and Monochrome and apply tweaks to image sharpening, tone compensation, brightness, overall tone and saturation.

The P6000 knows where the "best shots" are taken, thanks to the integration of a new, built-in global positioning system unit. With the added GPS function, P6000 users are granted the opportunity to record "geotags" of the location where images are captured based on their latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates when the picture is taken. This further heightens the photographic experience, allowing users to pinpoint the location via maps available in ViewNX, my Picturetown or any other software that recognizes GPS data.

Coolpix S60

The Coolpix S60 introduces an innovative 3.5-inch touch-screen interface. To accompany its new touch-screen, the Coolpix S60 features several innovative modes seamlessly integrated into the camera's interface. For crisp, in-focus pictures, the Coolpix S60 can lock the autofocus and exposure on a subject by simply touching the corresponding location on the screen. For great portraits, the S60 features a new Portrait One-Touch Zoom function, which commands the camera to automatically zoom in and capture a subject with the right amount of framing and focus.

In Playback mode, you can use your fingertips to scroll through images, and zoom in on your pictures by simply touching the screen. The supplied stylus can be used for a variety of fun functions including: The Draw Function, which allows the user to write notes or add drawings on their images, and the Paint Function, which allows fun frames and stamps to be added to images. The new HD Pictmotion function, combined with HDMI connectivity of the Coolpix S60, allows high-quality playback of images and slide shows on an HDTV for the ultimate photo sharing experience.

Coolpix S610c

Nikon continues to be the leader in wireless transfer technology with the Coolpix S610c. Using the S610c's convenient Picture Mail button and Nikon's photo storage and sharing service, my Picturetown, consumers can take advantage of several avenues for sharing their images and videos wirelessly. Through my Picturetown, users can e-mail pictures directly to friends and family, publish pictures to Flickr, and link their photos to blogs and social networking sites.

Each S610c ships with a subscription to Wayport, valid until August 31, 2011. Wayport is one of the nation's largest Wi-Fi providers (over 10,000 locations) and available at major hotel chains and over 9,700 participating McDonald's restaurants nationwide.

In addition, S610c owners can use my Picturetown to securely store up to two gigabytes of pictures and movies, providing a valuable back up to SD memory card storage, with the option to purchase more storage through a my Picturetown Gold account. Not only will users be able to access my Picturetown via their computers, but also through a BlackBerry as well, providing instant access to their images anytime, anywhere.

Coolpix S560

The Coolpix S560 is equipped with Nikon's new Scene Auto Selector mode, which selects the right scene mode for the image a user is shooting.

It also contains several unique shooting modes like Smile Mode, which automatically releases the shutter when the selected subject smiles.

Coolpix S710

The Coolpix S710 features 14.5 megapixels of resolution, a 3.6x Zoom-Nikkor wide-angle glass lens and a stainless steel body.

Coolpix S610

Featuring immediate response, the Coolpix S610 possess the world's fastest start-up time at a mere 0.7 seconds, the company said.

The S610 is equipped with Active Child Mode, which automatically tracks the movement of subjects, such as children and pets, to ensure that images come out crisp and in-focus.

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