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The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content.

PRESS RELEASE: Internet specialist ECCE TERRAM exhibits ground breaking innovative software solutions at PMA Las Vegas - Booth #Q176-4

Multi-touch comes to photo services

Oldenburg, Germany, January 29, 2009 - ECCE TERRAM – the innovator from Oldenburg, Germany and provider of solutions for the digital photo market – Will be showcasing its expanded software solution for photo laboratories in the area of ordering programs at the PMA 2009. Along with the 2.0 version of the “iPhone Photo Order Client,” the first offline client solution with multi-touch capability is being presented, among other things. The Oldenburg company thus again raises the claim of presenting technically sophisticated and innovative solutions.

In many laboratories, online photo orders in which digital images are printed on traditional photographic paper exceeded the volume of analogue photos in 2008. Digital image processing continues to be a vigorously growing industry. Numbers from the 2008 Holiday Season retail trade in many places show that the economic crisis in no way dampened the pleasure provided by digital images. Consumers’ desires for unique mementos or very personal photo gifts remain strong. Very few software developers can fall back on experience and knowledge regarding complete solutions – from the consumer to production for wholesale laboratories and photo services in the online and in-store market. ECCE TERRAM’s experience uniquely serves these end to end requirements.

The Internet specialist ECCE TERRAM is presenting the new versions of its components at the PMA, the international exhibit of the US photo imaging association, in Las Vegas on March 3-5, 2009.

Consistently further developing what is tried and tested: iPhone2home 2.0
In 2008, ECCE TERRAM was the first to deliver support for the iPhone allowing photo products to be ordered via the iPhone. Now, Version 2.0, available in March, 2009, expands user guidance in several ways. In particular, the efficiency in transmission of orders was optimized through introduction of the “TRONProxy.” With a protocol optimized to mobile radio, the orders for postcards or mini-photo books (10x15 cm) are conveyed to the “Photo2lab middleware.” Likewise, the iPhone 3G is now supported with its firmware version 2.2. The iPhone2home 2.0 Client is supported by all official iPhone versions and is provided by ECCE TERRAM to photo laboratories for expansion of their methods of ordering.

“Get in touch with your customers”
With Version 4.6, ECCE TERRAM will present the latest version of its offline client. Along with support of new photo book products, of collages and products in the merchandising area, support of “multi-touch PCs” is being introduced, among other features.

The topic has only recently begun to momentum. On the one hand, through introduction of Microsoft Windows 7 with support of multi-touch; on the other hand, through new PC systems, laptops and netbooks with multi-touch screens at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. The innovative strategy of the Photo2lab solution thus once again proves to be confirmed, because since autumn of 2008 there has been work on multi-touch support, e.g., for creation of photo books. The first version is now also being presented at the PMA conference and show on March 3-5, 2009.

More intuitive use = bigger success
The advantage of multi-touch lies in the simpler and more intuitive interfacing by the end customer and thus also in an increased success for photo laboratories. With iPhone and the Offline Client, ECCE TERRAM offers the first applications under the logo of “Get in touch with your customer” which will be supplemented in 2009 by a kiosk system with multi-touch capability.

You can find additional information at www.photo2lab.com. For questions regarding the products presented at the PMA, please visit us at Booth #Q176-4 or contact at 1-408 807-0917.

About Photo2lab
The Photo2Lab Software Suite offers a complete solution, from ordering to processing in wholesale laboratories. Software applications for Windows, Mac and Linux, Web applications, applications for CD processing or the iPhone are part of what is included. The modern protocol for the connection – TRON – is freely available and is supported by various third-party manufacturers. Among other things, they provide solutions for set-top boxes or kiosk terminals. Along with straight processing of orders, aspects such as payments, promotions and possibilities of adaptation for affiliates and partners are also taken into consideration within the framework of a white brand solution. Of the products, everything from the image print to the genuine photo book can be handled and it thus offers a unique flexibility and openness with the aim of reducing costs and reaching new target groups for the customers of the solution.

In 2008, orders with over 180 million digital photos, 120,000 photo books and 200,000 photo calendars were processed via Photo2lab installations.

ECCE TERRAM was founded in 1996 by Frank Simon. It is specialized in solutions in the area of e-commerce for the photo industry, laboratory control, e-payment and content management.

The company’s Internet applications are used in the photo industry and in addition by well-known businesses. ORWO, DPL, Kodak Germany, , FrogPrints, Gelbe Seiten [Yellow Pages], FOCUS and others are used solution from our product range since years. The company is based in Oldenburg (in Lower Saxony), Germany, and has branches in New Zealand and the USA.

ECCE TERRAM is exhibiting at the PMA 2009 in booth Q176-4 in Las Vegas, Nevada, from the 3rd through the 5th of March 2009.

(First posted on Friday, February 20, 2009 at 13:38 EST)

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