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Pentax's K-x digital SLR. Photo provided by Pentax Imaging Co. Pentax updates camera utility, Raw codec
(Sunday, November 22, 2009 - 14:20 EST)

Pentax Japan has released updated versions of its Digital Camera Utility and Raw codec software, which are bundled with the company's single-lens reflex digital cameras.

Available for Windows systems only, the updates can be downloaded from the Pentax website. The Raw codec update supports 32-bit Windows Vista and Windows 7 systems, while the Digital Camera Utility update is compatible with Windows XP SP2+ in Home / Professional / x64 variants, as well as Windows Vista or Windows 7.

The updated Pentax Raw codec supports all of the company's digital SLRs, with the only stated change being support for the company's K-x SLR.

Pentax Digital Camera Utility 4.11 also adds support for the K-x and the DA-L 55-300mm F4-5.8 ED lens. It also adds the ability to display Cross Processing, Blue Sky and Sunset data, improved general stability, and corrects a number of bugs. Courtesy of Pentax Japan, the full list of changes is as follows:

  • Support for the K-x camera

  • Added [Picture: Blue Sky] and [Picture: Sunset] on Image data display of the custom.

  • Added [Cross Processing] on Image Data display.

  • Added lens data – [smc PENTAX-DA L55-300mmF4-5.8 ED]

  • It is maintained the status of Image data display and Histogram display on main image display window.

  • Corrected - When viewing rotated image such as rotated by Windows Photo gallery, it may shut down the software.

  • Corrected - When cancel [Bold] of [Indicate changes in Image Data During Frame Advance], it is not canceled.

  • Corrected - When display image that is captured with AF select, AF area mode on Image Data is displayed [- - - -].

  • When [Save as….] is selected, image cannot overwrite to original file. It is changed to enable overwrite with permission of user.

  • Corrected - The value of the white balance fine-tuning is not reflected to Fine tune of camera setting on White balance setting.

  • Corrected - The coordinate value of Cropping is not reflected on the image.

  • Improved stability of general performance.

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