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The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content.

6Sight's logo. Click here to visit the 6Sight website! PRESS RELEASE: Augmented Reality and Frankencamera highlight 6Sight conference

JACKSON, Mich. – The 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference will feature two leading imaging technology researchers as the 2010 keynote speakers. The November 15-17 conference at The Sainte Claire hotel in San Jose, Calif., will focus on some of the most important and innovative topics in photo imaging, including augmented reality, computational photography, connected cameras, 3D cameras and displays, digital video, advanced output, and smarter camera phones.

Augmented reality (AR) merges image capture, display, computation, and connectivity to overlay information and graphics on top of our real-time view of the world around us. This innovative development leads off day one of the conference, with a keynote presentation from Blair MacIntyre, director of the Augmented Environments Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has conducted AR research for 17 years, developing AR potential as a new medium for games, entertainment, education, and work. MacIntyre will discuss how augmented reality will affect photo imaging in the near future and his work with Qualcomm, which recently joined with Georgia Tech to establish the Qualcomm Augmented Reality Game Studio. The research and design center is aimed at pioneering new advancements in mobile gaming and interactive media.

“I believe augmented reality will be a key technology driving the next generation of mobile phones, and I am excited 6Sight has chosen to make it a focus area for the conference this year,” says MacIntyre. “In the space of a few years, thanks to the increasing power of high-end camera phones, AR has moved from a topic of study in research labs to an exciting new way for millions of people to interact with smart-phone data out in the physical world. For the past decade, my colleagues and students in the Augmented Environments Lab at Georgia Tech have been creating tools and working with artists and designers to explore AR as a new medium. We’re excited to be able to apply what we’ve learned to creating and studying rich, interactive experiences on widely available mobile phones.”

Day two will focus on the future of digital cameras, with a keynote presentation by Marc Levoy, professor of computer science and electrical engineering at Stanford University. Levoy’s work focuses on computational photography, the use of advanced algorithms and processing to take imaging far beyond the mere replacement of film with digital sensors we’ve seen so far in camera design. Levoy has worked on computer animation; displaying three-dimensional functions, such as computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance (MR) data; and 3D laser scanning. Levoy also co-designed the Google book scanner and helped launch the Google Street View project. Levoy will demonstrate his current project, the “Frankencamera,” a fully programmable camera that embodies the ideal of capture devices that are open and can be customized, expanded, and upgraded.

“We (the Frankencamera research team) think you should be able to program your camera” says Levoy regarding his keynote address at 6Sight. “We think there should be plug-ins for cameras and app stores that sell these plug-ins. We’d like to democratize cameras the way the Maker Faire is democratizing crafts – so anyone can play.”

6Sight program topics include:

  • 3D cameras, printers, and big-screen TVs: The new opportunities for companies in the imaging business offered by 3D technology and its new infrastructures and ecosystems.

  • Advances in output: Revenue-generating prospects delivered by new output products and services that will transform photographic digital printing.

  • Augmented reality: AR merges image capture, display, computation, and connectivity to overlay information and graphics on top of our real-time view of the real world around us. This innovative development promises to impact imaging, entertainment, personal computers, and many other aspects of modern life.

  • Camera evolution: New technologies continue to advance photographic capture with improved image quality; faster shooting; smaller form factors; and other benefits for professionals, consumers, and enthusiasts.

  • Smarter camera phones: Mobile imaging already shook up the camera business once because suddenly everyone had a camera in their pocket: their phone. Now, top-of-the-line phones not only capture great photos, they provide amazing and fun imaging apps – functionality completely lacking in standard digital cameras. This presents challenges and possibilities for the imaging business.

  • Video: Video capture and display is everywhere, especially on social networking sites. But how is it being used, and who is benefiting? Our panel reports on services and other ways to monetize personal movie making.

Visit www.6Sight.com for the latest information about the 6Sight conference. Subscribe to The 6Sight Report for weekly articles on these topics and much more.

“Our focus is on the future of imaging – and what better way to discover the path forward than invite some of the top imaging professors in the country to speak to our attendees about their research,” says Joe Byrd, 6Sight co-founder and president. “No one can predict the future; but at 6Sight, we help industry leaders discover developing technologies and work together to develop a brighter future for our industry. Examining AR and the Frankencamera more closely gives us two opportunities to peer into the future to see how these technologies will enrich the photo imaging experience.”

The AIE Output Summit, co-locating at 6Sight on Nov. 15, will take an in-depth look at the future of photographic output and the implications for imaging professionals. The top analysts in the photo and digital imaging industry will share their visions of the new landscape of digital output and present their most current data. A roundtable panel discussion will then dig into the implications behind the numbers. Leading digital printing companies will share their visions of the current market, changing behavioral patterns of customers, what new markets are emerging, and how to take advantage of all the opportunities available. The managers of the most innovative imaging facilities in the world will discuss how they have changed courses to adapt to the changes in technology and customer behavior, and where they see the next big opportunities.

6Sight welcomes comments on its program and conference in general on its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

About the 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference
The 6Sight® Future of Imaging Conference is an annual executive gathering focusing on the transformative impact of imaging technology and visual communication on every facet of society – businesses, homes, and communities. Technologists, marketers, futurists, artists, industry and financial analysts, educators, high-volume users, and members of the media come together at the conference to preview breakthrough technologies, forecast innovative uses, and spark new ideas and alliances that benefit current and potential customers, participating companies, and the imaging industry as a whole. The program emphasizes interactivity, rich media presentations, and high-level connections among participants. The 6Sight Conferences LLC is a joint venture between Future Image Inc., an independent center of expertise on imaging technology, and the Association of Imaging Executives® (AIE®), a PMA® member association of photo imaging leaders who shape the strategic growth of the global imaging industry.

Major PMA events coming soon:

For more information on PMA events, visit the PMA home page.

About PMA – The Worldwide Community of Imaging Associations
As a professional trade association, PMA® helps the worldwide photo imaging community achieve business success and adapt to new technologies. Its commitment to members in 100-plus countries is part of an 85-year legacy that connects business owners to a network of knowledge and support. PMA furthers this purpose through the development of educational programs, marketing research, publications, and trade shows. As a not-for-profit organization, any success PMA achieves in its endeavors directly benefits the industry, providing the means to continually develop services and activities for members.

(First posted on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 16:25 EDT)

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