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The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content.

Livedrive's logo. Click here to visit the Livedrive website! PRESS RELEASE: New Livedrive app brings unlimited storage and media streaming to iPhones and iPads

Livedrive takes on the big players with ‘all media everywhere’ app

LONDON 23/09/2010: Livedrive, the award winning online storage and back-up supplier, has today entered the media streaming space with the launch of its new mobile app, bringing unlimited storage to the iPhone and iPad. In a move that could potentially challenge competitors’ plans for cloud-based media streaming, Livedrive’s app will allow users to stream their entire music, video and photo collection to their iPhone or iPad wherever they are – with no need to convert the file to an iTunes-compatible format first.

Livedrive provides an easy-to-use online backup service, which comes with unlimited online storage space. Users simply install the Livedrive software, and it works in the background to backup their files safely online as they work. Once their files are backed up, users can view them securely from any web browser, or restore their files back to their computer any time. With the new mobile app, they will now be able to view their files on their iPad or iPhone too, streaming all content directly from Livedrive over 3G or Wi-Fi.

Aiming to take the user experience to new levels of simplicity and ease-of-use, Livedrive is the first app of its kind that does not require files to be converted before they can be streamed. For users, this means that there is no need to import files into iTunes or convert files to QuickTime format – files will just stream straight to the app regardless of size or type. While other online storage companies are offering mobile apps, Livedrive is currently the only provider to allow instant streaming from any native video format.

Key features of the Livedrive app include:

  • All files, anywhere
    Customers can access all their files from anywhere, regardless of size and unlimited by device capacity

  • Viewing documents and photos on the move
    Office documents, PDF files and photos can all be viewed from customers’ iPhone or iPad, together with slideshow functionality

  • No need to sync
    Users can stream unlimited music files straight to their device at all times. Even music that isn’t in iTunes can be browsed by Album, Artist, Genre or Year.

  • Quality video, any format
    Stream full screen videos straight to the iPhone or iPad . Livedrive’s mobile app is the only one that can stream video straight from any format to the device, without the user needing to convert it first.

  • Upload photos and videos
    Users with a Livedrive Briefcase account can upload photos and videos on their device straight to their Livedrive account. This means files are safely backed up and accessible from anywhere

  • Export files to other apps
    Users can send files straight from their Livedrive account into other apps on their device, to edit and view them on the move

Jamie Brown, General Manager of Livedrive, comments, “This app takes Livedrive to another level as a business, while really challenging the market with new and unique offerings. We’re passionate about creating better, simpler, more exciting products that change the way our customers consume media and connect through technology. Livedrive is really a team of tech geeks with a desire to innovate – and we were all frustrated by how hard it can be to get video onto modern mobile devices. We believed this was a cool product - one that we’d love to use ourselves - so we were keen to make it a reality. We’re delighted to be first to market in such a competitive space.”

Livedrive was launched in 2008 by entrepreneur, Andrew Michael, to revolutionise the way people store and access their digital content. Andrew previously founded Fasthosts Internet Limited, the UK's largest and most successful Internet hosting company. Nicholas Cowell is also a major backer of the business.

Andrew Michael comments, “Livedrive has always been about anticipating the future when it comes to consumer engagement with technology. Prosumers are a key target audience for us so it’s vital we stay one step ahead of the curve and innovate constantly. We’re already seeing more and more people embracing a streaming lifestyle; we need to deliver the technology to do this through products that are simple, accessible, competitively priced and really add value to our customers’ daily interaction with technology.”

The new Livedrive Mobile app will be available to all Livedrive customers for free from the iTunes store. Users will need a Livedrive Backup account starting at just £3.95 a month, or a Livedrive Backup & Briefcase account at £9.95 per month – both available from www.livedrive.com.

About Livedrive
Livedrive (www.livedrive.com) is creating technology to revolutionise the way people store and access their files, photos, music, videos and other digital content. The Livedrive vision is simple; don't store files on your PC; store them on your Livedrive instead. Livedrive offers personal storage space on the Internet; it’s unlimited, secure and there forever.Livedrive’s two main products are:

Livedrive Backup

  • Livedrive Backup enables customers to back up files online with one click. It is the easiest way to protect documents, photos, music and videos

  • Is hassle-free and quietly backs up files in the background as users work

  • Enables customers to view files online via Livedrive’s secure web portal – from office documents and photos through to listening to music and playing movies

  • If a file is lost or damaged, customers can log into Livedrive’s secure web portal to restore it anytime

Livedrive Briefcase

  • Livedrive Briefcase adds a new virtual drive to PCs and Macs, enabling users to access files on their Briefcase drive like any external drive

  • Files on Briefcase are automatically synced online, can be accessed from anywhere and edited in users’ browsers

  • Livedrive Briefcase can be installed on multiple PCs and files are synced between every PC. Files saved on one PC will be updated on other PCs

Follow Livedrive’s news at http://blog.livedrive.com or http://twitter.com/livedrive_com

(First posted on Friday, September 24, 2010 at 18:10 EDT)

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