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Qimage Pro 2001's logo. Click here to visit the Qimage Pro website! Qimage Pro - another major update!
(Friday, March 16, 2001 - 11:32 EST)

Mike Chaney's popular image printing/viewing/editing app gets a new version and a new name to match... ;)

The Qimage Pro folks have been in touch with news that they've released another major update to the program, and this time a new name as well... The new version, Qimage Pro 2001 v1.1, has a whole boatload of new features including:
  • Reduced system resource requirements: The amount of system resources used by Qimage Pro has been reduced by nearly a factor of three in QP 2001 when compared to prior versions, allowing you to perform more complex imaging operations without fear of running out of resources.
  • "Stickier" filters: Batch filters now "stick" to your images through copy/move/delete commands in QP 2001. Prior versions would leave the filters behind.
  • Slide show keys: The delete key can now be used while viewing a windowed slide show to delete the image, and page up/page down can be used to move through the queue.
  • EXIF for TIF images: QP 2001 will now display EXIF information recorded in TIF format images.
  • Folder locations: Saved filters are now stored in a folder called "Filters" under the main "Qimage" folder (note that associative filters that "belong" to images are still stored in the same folder as the images). In addition, there is now a folder called "Save" under "Qimage" where all settings and sessions are stored.
  • More efficient thumbnail cache: QP 2001 now stores cached thumbnails in the JPG format rather than BMP. This reduces hard drive storage requirements for thumbnails by a factor of 8 to 10!
  • Auto-migration for new file structures: The first time you use QP 2001, you will be given the opportunity to convert your thumbnail cache from BMP to the new JPG format to save space. In addition, you will be prompted to automatically move all filters to the new "Filters" folder and all saved sessions and settings to the new "Save" folder. If you decide not to do the migration when first asked, you can activate it later by selecting "Help", "Analyze Settings" from the top menu of the main window at any time.
  • Instantly identify images that have associative filters: When viewing and scrolling through thumbnails, any image that has an associated filter will be flagged by a red file name. Red file name = image is filtered. Black file name = no filter is associated with the image.
  • New associative filter methods: Select any number of thumbnails and right click and select "Filter Associations". A sub-menu will appear and you can select: (1) Associate a saved filter with the selected thumbnails, (2) Quick Edit to edit the filter parameters without viewing the image, (3) Full Edit to edit the filter parameters with full preview of the image, and "Delete Filters" to delete any previously associated filters. Note that these methods apply to associative filters only. To create new images from your filtered versions, you need to add the filtered images to the queue and then right click in the queue and select "Convert Images" to obtain filtered copies of images that have filter associations.
  • Mouse wheel: The mouse wheel now functions in the thumbnail area for scrolling.
  • Thumbnails maintain scroll position: QP 2001 now maintains position in the thumbnail scrolling list after performing functions like filtering, copying images, etc. Older versions "jumped" back to the top.
  • Print arranging: Select a single print on a page using the preview and then right click and select the up or down arrow to move that print back or forward in the queue to reorder your prints. You can also use the up/down arrow keys to reorder prints on the preview page after selecting a single print to move.
  • New print dialog: When you print your image document, you can now select a page range, number of copies, etc. in the standard Windows fashion.
  • Prints with odd rotations: QP 2001 now supports rotation of prints at odd angles (angles not divisible by 90 degrees). For example, rotating a print by 25 degrees will cause not only the print to be rotated by 25 degrees, but also any associated cutout and the info stamp as well. This change increases utility of Qimage Pro for printing scrapbooks.
  • New undo function: When using the batch filter, you can now click "Edit", and then click "Undo Last" or "Undo All" to revert to previously applied filter parameters.
  • Fixed "Out of Resources" problem related to placing associative crops on images.
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect ICC profile associations when more than one input profile was being used in a document.
  • Numerous visual cleanup issues resolved such as consistency of menu options, thumbnail refresh consistency, etc.
  • Fixed a batch filter bug related to removing multiple closely spaced blemishes and improved the blemish filter in general.
  • Fixed a lockup related to using "Template" placement mode with images that would not fit on the template.
  • Filters can now be properly previewed in the batch filter when filtering NEF images.
  • Fixed a bug that caused distortion of images when page margins were set to non-zero values.

  • "Cancel" when exiting the batch filter now returns to the batch filter window instead of exiting.
  • Fixed a bug that caused distorted (mis-shaped) prints when prints were rotated by angles not divisible by 90 degrees.
  • Fixed a bug that caused batch filter rotations of non-90 degree increments to rotate backwards.
Mike notes that there was there a 1.0 version of Qimage Pro 2001 which was tested over the last several weeks by Qimage Pro mailing list members. Along with daily discussion of imaging topics, getting a sneak preview of upcoming versions is another of the many benefits of joining the Qimage Pro mail group, which currently has more than 900 members!

Source: Qimage Pro website

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