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Kodak's PalmPix camera for the m500 series PDA, shown with Palm m505 attached. Courtesy of Eastman Kodak Co. Kodak announces PalmPix for new Palm m500 series!
(Tuesday, March 20, 2001 - 20:28 EST)

Newest digicam for Palm PDAs gets increased resolution, macro capabilities...

Palm's M505 handheld, shown with expansion card. Courtesy of Palm.As readers may already be aware, Palm Inc. yesterday announced two new Palm PDAs, Palm m500 monochrome handheld and the Palm m505 color handheld (seen on the left and below). Amongst other new features, both of the new PDAs feature MultiMediaCard / SD Card storage, with Palm planning to sell content cards (featuring travel guides and the suchlike), as well as expansion and backup cards. Incidentally, SanDisk will apparently be supplying these cards, according to a separate press release...

Following on from these announcements, Eastman Kodak Co. has today announced a new PalmPix digital camera for the m500-series PDAs... The company first introduced its PalmPix line in February 2000, at which time the camera had a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, and worked with the Palm III, IIIe, IIIx, IIIc and VII, as well as the IBM Workpad and TRGpro. The original PalmPix shipped just over 10 months ago on May 9th, and 6 months later a new version was announced which retained the feature-set of the older version but was designed to work with the newly announced, low-cost Palm m100.

The m500-compatible PalmPix takes a couple of steps further than the older designs, however, improving the 640 x 480 pixel resolution of its siblings to 800 x 600 pixels, and replacing the fixed-focus lens with an f2.8 all-glass lens with three focus settings. The new PalmPix can be set to macro focus for objects about 4" from the camera, portrait focus for a distance of 2 to 12 feet, and landscape focus for 8 feet to infinity. The 2x digital zoom of the older models is retained, as the lens is still a fixed-focal length type.

Images can be stored in the PDA's memory or via the expansion slot on a MultiMediaCard or SD Card. Each file is about 160KB in size, and images can be converted in the Palm itself to a 320 x 240 pixel JPEG file. Alternatively, the images can be converted to a full resolution JPEG or BMP file when transferred to a PC, and to a JPEG or PICT file when transferred to a Macintosh.

Full details are in the official Kodak press release below.

Palm's m505 PDA, shown in docking cradle. Courtesy of Palm - click for a bigger picture!

Original Source Press Release:

Kodak Introduces Sleek, Technically Sophisticated PalmPix Camera For New Palm m500 and m505 Handhelds

Stylish New PalmPix Offers Higher Resolution, Adjustable Focal Range and JPEG File Option on Handheld Expansion Slot Media

ROCHESTER, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 20, 2001-- Eastman Kodak Company today introduced a PalmPix(TM) camera that quickly and affordably transforms the latest Palm(TM) handheld computers, the m500 and m505, into color digital cameras. The new PalmPix camera, with its color sensor, represents the next generation of Kodak devices that enable pictures to become information that can be easily recorded, documented and shared.

Designed for style-conscious Palm handheld users, the sleek new PalmPix camera compactly folds to carry with you anywhere your handheld goes. By simply attaching the camera to the m500 or m505, owners of the Palm handhelds can take color digital pictures effortlessly.

``The new PalmPix is the latest example of how Kodak is combining image science and information technology in innovative ways, making it easier for you to take, store and share pictures as information,'' said Willy Shih, president of Kodak's Digital and Applied Imaging group. ``New, smarter personal devices, such as the PalmPix camera, are always on and ready when you are.''

``The new PalmPix camera was designed for enhanced portability, convenience and style,'' said Byron Connell, vice president, Product Management and Planning, at Palm Inc. ``Lightweight, the new PalmPix camera folds up like a cell phone so you can take it anywhere. It's the perfect accessory for the Palm m500 series handheld.''

The new camera offers SVGA resolution that captures color images at 800 x 600 pixels for printing photo-realistic pictures up to 4 x 6-inches. The new PalmPix also has an adjustable focal range with three settings: macro (4 inches), portrait (2 ft. to 12 ft.) and landscape (8 ft. to infinity), that make taking pictures of documents, flip charts or groups of people easier than ever. Images can be transferred in seconds to a personal computer via the HotSync® cradle that comes with the handheld. Once on a personal computer, the images are stored as standard JPEG or bitmap files and JPEG or PICT files for Macintosh. Images can be accessed as full-color SVGA pictures, then incorporated into presentations, emailed, or printed. The PalmPix camera also features a four-element (f2.8) glass lens that enhances picture quality and a 2X digital zoom. Until images are transferred to a computer, they can be stored in the Palm handheld's internal memory (each PalmPix image requires approximately 160KB of memory) or on Secure Digital (SD) or MultiMediaCard memory cards. The new SD and MultiMediaCard expansion slot on the Palm m500 and m505 handhelds lets users expand their handheld's memory and take a virtually unlimited number of pictures with the PalmPix camera. In addition, a new PalmPix application software feature lets you convert 320 x 240 images to JPEG files on the handheld. These files are stored on the expansion slot memory card for sharing without using Palm's HotSync® cradle.

Kodak PalmPix application software for the Palm handheld and host computer, as well as a user's manual, will be bundled with the new PalmPix camera. The PalmPix is compatible with Windows 98 or higher and Macintosh OS 8.6 to 9.1. For added convenience, a custom portfolio case and stylish holster are available separately.

The Kodak PalmPix Camera for the Palm m500 and m505 handhelds will be available online at www.kodak.com/go/shop for $129.95 and at major computer retailers in the first half of 2001.

The PalmPix for the Palm m500 and m505 handhelds is the third in a series of PalmPix cameras designed for PDAs. An earlier version of the PalmPix camera is compatible with Palm III, IIIe, IIIx, IIIxe, IIIc, VII, and VIIx handhelds; IBM Workpad C-3 and TRGpro; as well as with Palm V and Vx handhelds (DockV adapter required). There is also a PalmPix camera for the Palm m100 and m105 handhelds.

About Infoimaging

Kodak's new PalmPix camera enables infoimaging, the moment when pictures become information. Infoimaging is a $225 billion industry created by the accelerated convergence of image science and information technology.

Infoimaging unites three image-centric markets -- services and media, infrastructure and devices -- enabling consumers and businesses to more easily use images as a fast and effective way to communicate. Infoimaging presents significant new revenue opportunities for any company that delivers value through the marriage of information and images. For more information on infoimaging, please visit Kodak.com.

(Kodak is a trademark of Eastman Kodak Company. PalmPix is a trademark of Palm, Inc. used under license by Eastman Kodak Company. HotSync is a registered trademark and Palm is a trademark of Palm, Inc.)
For more information about Kodak PalmPix Cameras, visit us on the Internet at www.kodak.com/go/palmpix or in the U.S. call 1-800-235-6325.

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