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New Kodak Pro digicam on the way? (UPDATED)
(Wednesday, March 21, 2001 - 00:01 EST)

Rumors surface of a new 6 megapixel digicam based on Nikon's F5 body...

An anonymous source tells us that the folks at Kodak are preparing to release a new professional digital camera based on Nikon's F5 film body very soon. The upcoming DCS760 is apparently planned as a replacement for the current DCS660, and we're told specifications should be as follows:
  • Kodak Professional DCS760 digital camera
  • Based on the Nikon F5 film camera
  • True 6 megapixel Indium Tin Oxide CCD image sensor
  • ISO ratings from 80 to 400, plus ability to push two stops
  • Burst rate of 1.5 frames per second for up to 24 frames
  • High brightness, high contrast LCD display with broader viewing angle
  • New graphic user interface
  • Picture protection functions that 'save and protect raw image data'
  • New Kodak PhotoDesk and Camera Manager software
  • 'Vastly improved' IEEE 1394 (FireWire) connectivity
  • Targeted for availability in mid-May
Obviously we don't currently know pricing for the camera (likely not cheap) but the brief specs do sound pretty interesting! Kodak's Indium Tin Oxide CCD sensors should offer very clean images at high ISO ratings due to the fact that they use transparent electrodes over the CCD photosites to increase light-gathering efficiency. That said, we're surprised that the maximum rating of ISO400 plus two stops push isn't higher. Also, the burst speed of 1.5 frames per second is only half that of Nikon's D1X... Given the likely commercial market segment of such a camera though, these factors may be somewhat less important than they would be for say a photojournalist...

Watch this space for more on this developing story!

UPDATED 2001-03-21 12:19ET: A further anonymous email tells us that this information has also appeared on the D1scussion mailing list today. A few extra details were noted in the email which was forwarded us, and we have added these into the list above... Thanks to our anonymous readers!

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