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Club Photo's Album To Go v2.0 software on the Palm IIIc PDA. Courtesy of Club Photo Inc. Club Photo announces Album To Go v2.0!
(Friday, March 23, 2001 - 00:03 EST)

New version of free album viewer for PDAs released...

Club Photo's Album To Go v2.0 software on the Handspring Visor PDA. Courtesy of Club Photo Inc.Online photofinisher Club Photo Inc. will today announce the release of a new version of its Album To Go software. Album To Go v2.0, which allows Club Photo users to view favorite photos on a Palm personal digital assistant, is available for download from the Club Photo website immediately.

The program supports 16-bit color, beaming albums from one Palm to another, creating slideshows, and zooming/panning images. Files of GIF, JPG and BMP formats can be viewed through Album To Go...

Source: Club Photo Inc.

Original Source Press Release:

Club Photo Releases New Photo Album Software for Palm OS Devices

Album To Go v 2.0 links Palms, Visors, and CLIEs with online and desktop
photo albums for on the go sharing

SAN JOSE, Calif. March 23, 2001 - Club Photo(tm) Inc., the photo processing
and sharing service that set the standard for online and PDA-based album
sharing, today announced the highly anticipated follow-on to its award-winning
software, Album To Go(tm). Album To Go 2.0 makes 'on the go' viewing,
organizing, and sharing photo albums easy from any handheld device running
Palm OS(r) 3.1 or higher, including products from Palm, Handspring, and
Sony. Previous releases of Album To Go were greeted with tremendous success,
sparking a new trend and driving hundreds of thousands of users to share
their pictures from their Palm OS devices.

The Album To Go 2.0 viewer and desktop photo organizer are free and can
be downloaded at www.clubphoto.com/tools. Favorite photos can easily
be sent from online Club Photo albums or via the desktop, to 'Hot Sync(tm)'
directly into the Palm device. Its features surpass Palm-centric image
viewers that cost up to $24.95, and provides the ability to showcase multiple
albums, view albums by picture icons, support 16 bit color for the Handspring(t
m) Prism, beam albums between friends and family, and create slideshows
with a variety of creative effects. Album To Go also supports high-resolution
images in addition to the default 160 x160 size. Users can pan or zoom-in
on pictures to provide expanded views of larger images. It also displays
GIF and BMP formats along with JPEG, and supports drag-and-drop handling
of multiple image files.

"Before Album To Go, the only way to share photo albums was to pull them
off the shelf when guests were present or carry a wallet or organizer
stuffed with photos," said Richard Park, Director of Product Marketing
at Club Photo. "Club Photo has changed how consumers share their pictures,
allowing them to easily share special moments with family and friends,
anytime, anywhere. Now Palm OS users can discover the exciting world of
film and digital photo sharing and finishing to always stay closer with
friends and family."

The Album To Go 2.0 experience will remind users of viewing a traditional
photo album, but with exciting new options for sharing memories on-the-go.
Each album can have searchable photo titles and photo notes, with a "share
view" function for thumbnail views of images or entire albums. Album
To Go 2.0 also offers batch selection and deletion, thumbnail viewing,
photo copying between albums, real-time scaling and panning, and enhanced
slide show effects.

The Award-Winning Club Photo Difference

Club Photo is redefining photography by integrating the traditional film
and printing process with extensive photo sharing services to help people
stay in touch with friends and family all over the world. Club Photo
offers film developing, high quality prints, special photo gifts, electronic
photo greeting cards, and a free personal photo album Web site, to help
users share the magic of pictures. Club Photo's Pick Your Photos service
allows users to send in film, share selected photos online in free digital
"photo albums," and only order the prints they want. Whether from a film
or digital camera, scanner or CD, the company's free software allow users
to easily organize and annotate albums on the Palm, Visor, Windows PC,
or Apple platforms, then share them on a their own Web site for all to
enjoy with a few clicks of the mouse.

Club Photo is located at 650 Saratoga Avenue, San Jose, California and
can be reached at (408) 557-6743 or www.clubphoto.com.


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