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New Books from ShortCourses.com!
(Friday, March 30, 2001 - 15:12 EST)

Our friend Denny Curtin of the (excellent) Shortcourses.com site called yesterday to let us know that he's just published several new books. He really has *quite* a list now, and they're all excellent. (Imagine the depth of information of an Imaging Resource camera review, wrapped around instructional text that tells you how to actually use all those goodies!)

The "A Short Course in ____ Photography" (fill in the blank with the name of your favorite camera) books have received wide acclaim for their clear style and the ease with which they introduce advanced topics. Overall, they're one of the few products we feel comfortable recommending without reservation: If Denny's written a book on your camera, it'll be the best $20 you've ever spent!

His latest offerings are a pair of books on the new Olympus C-2040 Zoom and C-3040 Zoom. - But that's just the beginning --Here's a complete list of his current books:

ShortCourses Books:

  • General Topics

    • Choosing & Using a Digital Camera
    • A Short Course in Digital Photography
    • Table-Top Lighting for Digital Photography (coming soon)

  • Canon

    • EOS D30 SLR
    • PowerShot G1
    • PowerShot S100
    • PowerShot S20/S10
    • PowerShot S300 (coming soon)
    • PowerShot Pro90IS (coming soon)

  • Epson

    • Epson 850Z

  • Olympus

    • C-2000
    • C-2020
    • C-2040
    • C-3030/3000
    • C-3040
    • C-2100 UltraZoom
    • C-2500L
    • E-10 SLR

  • Nikon

    • CoolPix 880
    • CoolPix 950
    • CoolPix 990

Zounds! If you own a camera on that list, don't think twice, click here and get Denny's book for it!

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