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TDK's logo. Click here to visit the TDK website! TDK announces new photo paper!
(Friday, April 27, 2001 - 16:09 EDT)

Japanese electronics company offers a range of photo paper from 4" x 6" to 13" x 19"...

A press release from Japanese company TDK Corp., which manufactures a range of electronics, components and materials worldwide, announces that the company is now offering a range of photo paper which it calls 'the industry's most advanced'. The paper features a resin-coated backing stock with a multi-layer coating on which the ink is absorbed. The company says that its multi-layer coating includes an Inkset Micro-Porous Coating Layer to ensure maximum ink absorption and minimal paper swelling, a Super White Diffusion Control Layer to make the paper brighter and colors more lifelike, and an instant-dry top coat that enables prints to be handled immediately.

The paper is available immediately through TDK's online store in packs of 20 sheets. Three paper types are available: Reference Grade Glossy Inkjet Paper, Professional Grade Glossy Inkjet Paper and Professional Grade Matte Inkjet Paper. A variety of sizes are available as follows:

Cost per pack/sheet
4" x 6"
8.5" x 11"
13" x 19"
Reference Glossy11.8 mil, 305g/m2 $14.39(72¢/sheet)$30.39($1.52/sheet)
Professional Glossy10.2 mil, 260g/m2$4.79(24¢/sheet)$11.19(56¢/sheet) 
Professional Matte9.8 mil thick, 235g/m2 $11.19(56¢/sheet)

Source: Yahoo! Finance / BusinessWire

Original Source Press Release:

TDK Introduces Industry's Most Advanced Line of Ink-Jet Photo Paper

Advanced Micro-Porous Coating Technology Gives TDK Ink-Jet Photo Papers Superb Color Reproduction With Razor-Sharp Image Quality

GARDEN CITY, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 26, 2001-- TDK, a world leader in digital media, today announced the introduction of the industry's most advanced line of ink-jet photo paper. Drawing on its experience in the coating technologies necessary to create high-performance recording media, TDK has created a line of ink-jet photo papers with unmatched color purity, razor-sharp image detail and superior stability and durability. TDK ink-jet papers are the ideal solution for creating photo-quality printouts from digital camera images, as well as output from professional graphics applications, treasured family photographs or wherever the highest-quality photographic image reproduction is desired.

``The popularity of digital cameras and high-performance ink-jet printers has created a tremendous demand for specially formulated papers capable of reproducing digital images with the look and feel of traditional film prints,'' noted TDK's Bruce Youmans, Executive Director of Marketing. ``TDK's experience in advanced media coating technologies has enabled us to create an extremely sophisticated type of ink-jet photo paper that offers high-resolution printouts, with extraordinary color, detail and durability. It's a level of peformance that will make TDK ink-jet papers the choice of both professionals and consumers.''

Unique Multi-Layer Coating Technology for High-Resolution and Longer Life

TDK ink-jet photo paper utilizes a breakthrough multi-layer coating technology atop a durable resin-coated backing stock. Key to the paper's superior image-reproducing capability is a special Inkset® Micro-Porous Coating Layer that ensures maximum ink absorption and minimal paper swelling. The result is precisely defined dot shapes, ultra-fine image resolution and extraordinary sharpness and detail. A Super White Diffusion Control Layer ensures brighter, more lifelike color reproduction, and an instant-dry top coat enables photo images to be handled immediately after printing.

TDK ink-jet photo paper is available in two grades: heavy weight Reference (11.8 mil, 305 g/m) and Professional (10.2 mil, 260 g/m). Reference is available in gloss finish only; Professional is available in both gloss and matte finish.

TDK Reference and Professional grade ink-jet photo papers will be available in 20-sheet packages and will be sold initially through the TDK eStore (www.tdk.com/paper) beginning April 2001. TDK Reference is available in 8-1/2`` x 11'' and 13` ` x 19'' sizes, while TDK Professional is available in 4`` x 6'' and 8-1/2` ` x 11'' sizes. Retail pricing is as follows: Reference Gloss Finish, $17.99 per 8-1/2`` x 11'' pack and $37.99 per 13` ` x 19'' pack; Professional Gloss Finish, $5.99 per 4`` x 6'' pack and $13.99 per 8-1/2`` x 11'' pack; Professional Matte Finish, $13.99 per 8-1/2`` x 11'' pack.

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