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iCorrect Professional's logo. Click here to visit the Pictographics website! Pictographics announces iCorrect!
(Saturday, April 28, 2001 - 11:04 EDT)

New plugin corrects your images with less hassle...

A new plugin from Pictographics International Corp. promises to ease correction of your digital images using Adobe Photoshop 4.0 - 6.0, PhotoDeluxe or Photoshop Elements on the Mac or PC. iCorrect Professional allows image correction in a number of ways:
  • Auto black and white point detection
  • Manual brightness/contrast
  • Select a neutral point to correct white balance
  • Correct recognized reference colors (Neutrals, Skin Tones, Foliage Green, Sky Blue)
  • Create new reference colors (for example use the correct color of an object in one image to 'repair' another image with incorrect balance)
  • Ability to save color correction settings for batch processing with ColorCircuitQ application
iCorrect Professional is avaiable immediately at a cost of $139. A demonstration version can be downloaded from the Pictographics website.

Source: Pictographics International Corp.

Original Source Press Release:

Pictographics Announces iCorrect Professional Color Correction Software-

Revolutionary Technology helps Imaging Professionals "Make the Color Right"

April 27, 2001 - Burnsville, Minnesota - Pictographics International Corporation, a leading provider of digital color technology, has released iCorrect Professional, a color correction plug-in for Adobe Photoshop® and other popular photo editing packages.

"A breakthrough in color technology, iCorrect quickly and easily solves a major problem of digital photography-accurate color capture." according to Wayne R. Huelskoetter, Pictographics president.

Developed for professional photographers and other professionals who work with digital images, iCorrect makes color correction easy. With just one or two clicks of the mouse, iCorrect quickly makes global corrections to tonal ranges, colorcast, and other reference colors including skin tones, foliage green, and sky blue. These global corrections are based on sophisticated mathematical functions that instantly adjust the colors within the defined color space and make them right. The skin tone feature, for example, contains powerful race-independent color models that accurately portray a wide range of human skin colors. To the user, however, the complexities of these revolutionary techniques remain behind the scenes. Just a click and it's done.

iCorrect Professional also provides users the ability to define their own reference colors so they can easily get the exact intensity and hue they want on objects like a company logo, fashion article, product label or portrait background. Other features of the software make it easy to adjust brightness or contrast, choose a new palette or even import a color definition from another image or measurement file. What this impressive array of features adds up to, emphasizes Huelskoetter, is a software package that makes it much easier for the digital imaging professional to "Make the Color Right".

"iCorrect eliminates the frustrating trial and error editing tools like curves, sliders, and variations common to most color editing software," according to Huelskoetter, "thus saving the professionals time and frustration as they realize their creative vision of what the photo should be." An added benefit of iCorrect is that the corrected image is transformed (or profiled) into a calibrated, reference color space for use in a managed color environment.

The new plug-in works equally well on images of any origin and is ideal for stock photos, scanned images, Internet images, and legacy archives, as well as original photography.

iCorrect Professional is available for Macintosh and Windows for $139.00 at www.picto.com. A free demonstration version is also available at www.picto.com.

Pictographics International Corporation is a leading provider of digital color technology and advanced imaging applications including inCamera Professional Digital Camera Color Enhancement Software and ColorSynergy, an award-winning professional color management solution. The company also licenses its technology to a wide array of organizations including software developers, hardware manufacturers, Internet solutions providers, and in-plant operations. Pictographics is located at 2216 East 117th Street, Burnsville, MN 55337, USA. TEL: 952-894-6247, FAX: 952-894-0784, http://www.picto.com.

All trademarks referenced in this document, whether identified as trademarks or not, are the sole property of the legal owners of such marks. Pictographics makes no such claims to any such marks nor willingly misused or misapplied any marks.

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