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Andromeda Software's Latest: Perspective!
(Monday, April 30, 2001 - 08:24 EDT)

Andromeda Software releases a new "Perspective" plugin for Photoshop(tm) that lets you tilt and rotate 2D images in 3D space. Very cool...

Andromeda Software has been a real innovator in the Photoshop aftermarket, offering numerous plugins that produce unique effects or solve difficult photographic problems. (Check out their LensDoc filter, for example, which easily corrects for barrel and pincushion distortion, as well as provides "view camera" type controls to cope with converging verticals.) Now, they've developed an interesting "perspective" filter, that lets you take chunks of your images, spin them around, lay them "flat", and generally orient them any way you'd like in a "virtual" 3D space. Read the press release below, or visit Andromeda's site for all the details!

Source: Andromeda Software home page

Original Source Press Release:

Andromeda Launches Its New PERSPECTIVE Plug-In.

April 2001


Andromeda Launches Its New PERSPECTIVE Plug-In.

ESD version available May 3, 2001

Physical Product ships May 18, 2001

Westlake Village, CA Ð Andromeda Software Inc. today announced the release of the new Perspective Filter, a new multi-platform, Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in. More information is available at company site www.andromeda.com.

A photograph is a flat image (2D) with height and width but no depth. Perspective Filter can be used to suggest or introduce the third dimension, depth, experienced in human vision.

Andromeda Perspective Filter is unique in that it uses a camera paradigm to introduce depth or perspective. The user interface provides a dynamic visual interface, which inspires creative use. The introduction of this new plug-in continues AndromedaÕs commitment to provide innovative plug-ins that are distinctive and beneficial.

A "virtual camera" navigational tool in the Perspective offers a "tilt" and "swing" motion. The "tilt" movement permits depth-of-field control of the image plane. Moving the virtual camera right to left while focused on a stationary position accomplishes the "swing". The Perspective zoom function also gives the effect of a dolly, in which the camera moves closer to or away from the image. For those looking for a quick and intuitive perspective tool, Perspective is the one.

Perspective positions itself as the newest addition to AndromedaÕs Photographic Tools and Lens Effects along with the Series 1 Photography Filters, LensDoc, and VariFocus. Perspective differs from our LensDoc Filter in that LensDoc fixes whereas Perspectives introduces (perspective).

Perspective offers the following advantages over other perspective functions available in image editing programs:

  • A "virtual" camera in 3D space
  • View and manipulate your image through our "lens".
  • Introduce consistent perspective in multiple images.
  • Introduce consistent perspective in string of text characters.
  • Factory preset library with visual display.
  • Users can save presets with descriptions for future use or reference.
  • 360 degree rotation of images in any direction.
  • The ability to zoom in and out of an image with ease.

Digital download versions will be available through, www.andromeda.com.

Andromeda Software Inc., located in Westlake Village, Ca is a graphics software engineering company in business since 1990. The founders and senior engineering staff are digital imaging industry veterans having developed graphics imaging related software for handwriting recognition, pre-press magazine & newspaper advertising production and related image management software. Since 1990, the company has worked closely with Adobe Systems Inc., to develop, maintain, and license digital imaging technology. The company also publishes under the company name an extensive multi-platform line of imaging plug-ins for Adobe products.



Jason Zazzi, Andromeda Software Inc., 800-547-0055 

e-mail: [email protected]

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