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Quicker, Easier 3D Objects from Kaidan, Autolycus
(Wednesday, May 23, 2001 - 09:29 EDT)

The quick/easy way to 3D object capture: A motorized turntable and a DV video recorder!

This is one of those things that just seems to make sense: Rather than laboriously snapping individual stills of an object to build-up a 3D image of it, why not just set it spinning on a turntable, and grab a digital video clip of a complete rotation? - This is exactly what Panorama-head maker Kaidan and software company Autolycus have done. Since it's working from a video-resolution image stream, the completed 3D VR objects will obviously have lower resolution than as if they were made from megapixel-plus still images, but for many web applications, the results will certainly be good enough. They describe the process as taking "minutes", and we'd tend to believe them. The best part is it appears to require very little manual intervention: Just set the object on the turntable, point the camera at it, and hit "go".

Check their site, at http://www.spinimagedv.com for all the details.

Original Source Press Release:

For Immediate Release Press Release

Autolycus and Kaidan Announce SpinImage DV™.com Web Site

Kaidan and Autolycus launch the new SpinImageDV.com Web site and announce
the immediate availability of the SpinImage DV Object Imaging Kit.

Feasterville, Pennsylvania - May 22, 2001 - Kaidan Incorporated, the leading
manufacturer of Photographic VR hardware, and the Autolycus Corporation, a
new digital imaging software development company, have announced today the
launch of their new joint web site, SpinImageDV.com
(http://www.spinimagedv.com) and the release of their first joint product,
the SpinImage DV™ Object Imaging Kit. This kit allows anyone to easily and
affordably create interactive 3-D object movies of products, toys or
collectibles weighing up to twenty pounds.

The SpinImage DV Object Imaging Kit consists of a Kaidan PiXi™-M motorized
turntable and Autolycus SpinImage DV™ software. When used with a DV
FireWire-enabled camcorder, users can create 3-D object movies in a matter
of minutes. The process is simple. The user places the object of interest on
the motorized PiXi-M turntable. The digital video of the spinning object is
sent to the computer (Macintosh or Windows) where the SpinImage DV software
converts the video stream into an object movie that's ready to be
transferred to a Web site or eBay auction. The user can choose from either
the SpinImage format (HTML-based) or a QuickTime® VR format.

According to Kaidan VP of Engineering, Sal DiPaolo, "We're really excited to
be offering a solution that will revolutionize the creation of interactive
3-D objects for the Web. With the explosion of computer-connected DV
cameras there is a ready and enthusiastic market of consumers who will start
creating compelling 3-D object movies. People can create object movies of
their collectibles, eBay auction items, valuables or products.

Robert Green, CEO of Autolycus says, "We have developed the SpinImage DV
software with the end-user in mind. We've made the process of image capture
and posting to eBay and other auction sites a simple task that requires just
a few mouse clicks. And, through the SpinImageDV.com web site, we provide
the customer with tips and tutorials on how to post their 3-D object movies
to the Web. We recently showcased this capability when we created hundreds
of 3-D object movies of the BattleBots. We shot the robots on location at
the Las Vegas BattleBots competition last fall and will also be imaging the
robots in 3D at the competition in San Francisco this week."

About Autolycus:

Autolycus Corporation (www.autolycus.com) is a software company focused on
3-D and video digital imaging solutions for the Internet, wireless devices
and PDAs. Autolycus was founded in 1998, and is a privately held company
based in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. For more information, please contact
Autolycus Corporation at (717) 761-9080, Fax (717) 763-0421 or
[email protected]

About Kaidan:

Kaidan Incorporated (www.kaidan.com) is the world's leading manufacturer and
supplier of Photographic VR solutions for the Internet. Kaidan has alliances
with many digital imaging companies such as Kodak, Nikon, Olympus and Apple
Computer. Kaidan was founded in 1994, and is a privately held company with
their main offices in Feasterville, Pennsylvania. Kaidan offers their
products and solutions through their worldwide distribution channel and
through their web site. For more information, please contact Kaidan
Incorporated at (215) 364-1778 or Fax (215) 322-4186. Contact: Ria
DiMartino, Sales and Marketing Director - [email protected] kaidan.com.


SpinImage DV is a trademark of Autolycus. Kaidan and PiXi are trademarks of
Kaidan Incorporated. QuickTime is a registered trademark of Apple Computer,
Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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