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Kodak chops price on 3600 film scanner! (UPDATED)
(Tuesday, May 29, 2001 - 17:56 EDT)

Kodak cuts $300 from their pro-level RFS 3600 film scanner, throws in a 'passle of free film!

Well, this is an interesting twist! Kodak has not only chopped the price of their RFS 3600 film scanner by $300 (making a current list price of only $999), but are throwing in 100 rolls (3600 exposures) of professional film along with it, through October 31, 2001. For good measure, they're also bundling a copy of Adobe's new "Elements" retouching application in the box.

This is the first we've heard of a promotion like this (including free film in the purchase price of a scanner), but it sure looks like a natural given the business Kodak's in. This lets them leverage the margin they have in their film products to provide a bundle with unique value for professional photographers: That 100 rolls of film could have a very real $500 value to a working pro, bringing the effective cost of the scanner down under $500! - That's a pretty incredible bargain for a scanner with the 3600's capabilities. It also plays in an area most other scanner manufacturers can't compete in, given Kodak's core film business.

UPDATED 2001-05-30 16:38ET:An email from IR reader Charlie Comstock pointed out that Kodak's website states that the RFS 3600 film scanner comes with 10 rolls of Kodak Pro Supra 400 film... We checked with Kodak, and they tell us that this is a promotion which has been ongoing for a couple of months, and continues alongside the new promotion whereby 100 rolls of Ektachrome, Portra, T-Max and Tri-X film can be obtained free of charge in blocks of 20 rolls. The Supra 400 film is included in the box, but since the 100 extra rolls can be of a number of different types, you must submit the sales receipt, coupon and bar code from the scanner box to get these extra rolls. In total, you'll get 110 rolls of free film with your purchase, and get to choose which type of film 100 of those rolls will be! Thanks to Charlie for emailing us, and to Kodak for so quickly clarifying their offer...
Source: Kodak RFS 3600 home page

Original Source Press Release:

Kodak Professional Cuts U.S. List Price of RFS 3600 Film Scanner By $300,Rolls Out Promotion Offering 3,600 Exposures of 'Pro' FilmScanner Now Ships with New Adobe Elements - Creative, Flexible ImagingSoftware

ROCHESTER, N.Y., May 29 - Kodak Professional is making it more enticing than ever to purchase its popular RFS 3600 film scanner by slashing the price, tossing in 100 free rolls of film in a special limited-time promotion, and including new Adobe Elements software in the box.

"The RFS 3600 scanner has always been a great buy, but now it's a great value and well within reach of many more photographers and studios," said Donald Pillittere, Worldwide Product Manager, Scanner Products, Kodak Professional. "Our goal is to introduce the benefits of digital imaging to a much broader segment of professional photographers, photo enthusiasts and imaging houses. We think this package of incentives will be hard to ignore."

The price reduction means the suggested U.S. list price of the scanner drops to $999.

Get 3,600 With a 3600

Until October 31, 2001, anyone buying an RFS 3600 scanner can also receive 3,600 exposures (100 36-exposure rolls) of Kodak Professional 35mm film. Scanner buyers have their choice of Ektachrome transparency films (E100S, E100SW, E100VS, E200 and EPP), Portra color negative films (160VC, 160NC, 400VC, 400NC and 800) and T-Max and Tri-X black-and-white films (TM, TMY and TX).

Film selections must be made in blocks of 20 rolls. To receive the film, buyers need only submit a sales receipt, the bar code from the scanner box and a coupon that is available at dealers and downloadable from www.kodak.com/go/rfs3600offer.

New Adobe Elements Software

Now included with each RFS 3600 scanner is Adobe Elements software. This new software package from Adobe opens a host of opportunities to adjust, manipulate and apply scanned images. With Elements Software, it's easy to adjust images for color and brightness. A fill-flash feature, for example, allows brightening to only a section of an image.

The software includes a multitude of other creative options, including more than 90 special-effects features, and it easily integrates images into Web applications. Adobe Elements Software will even create a seamless panorama from a series of images.

The Kodak Professional RFS 3600 film scanner, at its new price, featuring the new Adobe software, and including information on the film promotion, is available from authorized dealers of Kodak Professional products.

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