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Sony's DPP-SV77 dye sublimation printer. Courtesy of Sony. Sony Japan announces two new photo printers!
(Wednesday, June 6, 2001 - 13:23 EDT)

New printers to be announced in the US shortly offer printing solutions in the field or the living room...

Sony Japan has announced two new dye sublimation printers, the DPP-SV77 and DPP-SV88. Both units share the same 403dpi 24-bit color print engine, and ability to read JPEG, TIFF or BMP format images from MemoryStick media (natively) or other flash media via a PCMCIA slot (with appropriate adapters). The two printers are targetted at very different uses, however...

Sony's DPP-SV77 (right) and DPP-SV88 (left) printers, shown alongside the DSC-P1 digital camera for scale. Courtesy of Sony Japan - click for a bigger picture!

The DPP-SV77 features a 3.2" STN LCD display with a touch-screen, allowing images to be previewed, edited and printed without the need for a TV - ideal for taking the printer with you and making prints of your images straight away, although a power source is still needed as the unit doesn't offer battery power.

The DPP-SV88, meanwhile, is designed to take a place alongside your other AV equipment in the living room, since it must be connected to a TV to be used. It adds a CD-R / CD-RW drive, however, allowing for images to be stored away on CDs without the need for a PC - and also allowing images from Sony's CD Mavica cameras to be viewed and printed mid-session. (Note that whilst the smaller discs used by the CD Mavica cameras can be read in the new printer, they cannot be written to - images being archived must be written to full-sized discs). This printer sounds like an ideal way to backup images and create prints at home without the need for a computer!

Both printers can be connected to a PC or Macintosh system, though, thanks to a USB connection - allowing them to be used as a printer with your existing computer if you prefer. When connected to a PC, the flash memory slots can also be accessed via the USB connection, but note that the CD drive cannot be accessed from the PC. If you have a Macintosh, though, you're out of luck - only PCs get drivers for accessing the flash slots.

Both of these printers are due to be announced for the US market later today (Japan apparently decided to go ahead with their announcement early, much to our consternation!). The DPP-SV77 will go on sale July 10th in Japan, and the DPP-SV88 will reach market August 1st. Sony Japan has not announced pricing thus far, however Yamada Kumio's digitalcamera.gr.jp website lists an expected price of ¥60,000 (US$498) for the DVP-SV77, and ¥80,000 (US$665) for the DVP-SV88.

We've provided only what information is in the Japanese announcement thus far; check back later on for details on the US announcement!
Print systemThermal transfer dye sublimation
Resolution403dpi x 403dpi
Colors8-bit CMY (256 tones per color, 16,770,000 colors)
Print PixelsPostcard print: Maximum 2,466 x 1,644 pixels
Small print: Maximum 1,516 x 1,137 pixels
Paper sizePostcard print: 174.4mm x 101.6mm
Small print: 90.0mm x 101.6mm
Print areaPostcard print: 152.4mm x 101.6mm max.
Small print: 71.7mm x 95.5mm max
Print speed
(approx., not including data processing)
Postcard print: 90 seconds per print
Small print: 60 seconds per print
CD Storage0.5" CD-R / CD-RW drive-
FormatUDF v1.5-
Write speed8x (CD-R), 4x (CD-RW)-
Read speed24x-
Format time20 seconds (CD-R), 30 minutes (CD-RW)-
(650MB CD-R/RW disc)
620MB (CD-R), 530MB (CD-RW)-
Color LCD display-3.2" STN with touch screen
Flash MemoryMemory Stick slot
PC card slot (supports Type-II PCMCIA ATA flash memory card, 5V or 3.3/5V)
Digital I/OUSB (V1.1)
Video connectivityVideo In/Out, S-Video In/OutVideo Out
Supported file formatsDCF, EXIF v2.1 (JPEG, TIFF-YC, TIFF-RGB (non-compressed)), 24-bit BMP, JFIF. GIF and MPEG1 supported for storage only, playback / printing not possible
Paper feedAutomatic
Paper capacity25 sheets (Postcard print); 30 sheets (Small print)
Bundled print driversMicrosoft Windows 98, 98SE, 2000 Professional, Me; Mac OS 8.5.1, 8.6, 9.0, 9.1
Bundled card-reader driversMicrosoft Windows 98, 98SE, 2000 Professional, Me (doesn't support writing/reading CD-R/RW from computer)
FunctionsSlide show, Index print, Resample / Rotate / Image adjustment (Tone, Saturation, Brightness, Sharpness), Effects (glossy, matte, sepia, monochrome.), Drawing, Calendar, Thumbnail (Postcard print: 4, 9 or 16 images; Small print 4 or 9 images), Character input
AccessoriesPaper tray
Power supply cable
Video cable
Wireless remote controller
Driver CD-ROM
Paper tray
Power supply cable
Video cable
Touch pen
Driver CD-ROM
Power SourceAC 100-120V 50/60Hz
Power consumption107W (maximum), 1W (standby)
(excluding paper tray)
280 x 84 x 267mm / 11 x 3.3 x 10.5" (WxHxD)242 x 87 x 267mm / 9.5 x 3.4 x 10.5" (WxHxD)
(excluding paper tray)
3.0 kg / 6.6 lb2.5 kg / 5.5 lb

Source: Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.

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