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New Bibble released - site back online! (UPDATED)
(Tuesday, June 12, 2001 - 15:44 EDT)

Bibble's latest version offers faster, better RAW conversion - the website was down, but is back now...

Our friends over at Steve's Digicams have today reported on a new version of popular imaging utility Bibble, which has just been updated to improve RAW file processing. Bibble v2.99 has a number of new features:
  • Support for Nikon D1X RAW files, with a 10 Megapixel mode (4024 x 2624 pixel)
  • New de-mosaicing, resulting in higher resolution CRW/NEF files
  • New color profile for the Nikon D1, claimed to be the most accurate yet
  • Sharpening applied to RAW files by default
  • Reduction in ambient and shadow noise in all RAW files.
  • Faster RAW processing, claimed to process files 25% faster or more...
There's only one problem - but it is a bit of a stumper... Bibble's website is down, and has been ever since we first tried it a few hours ago. Initially we got no response; now we get a page with a link to what we presume is Bibble's web host. We have an email in to Eric to make sure he knows the site is down, so please don't flood him with emails - once we hear the site is back up we'll update this news item.

In the meantime, you can read a review of the latest Bibble release from our friend Uwe Steinmueller over at the Digital Outback Photo website. Uwe seemed very impressed, concluding:
"Bibble gets very close to the limits of what the D1 can deliver. And with this Bibble version this is a lot. I am so pleased that for now Bibble is my main NEF conversion tool. [Eric] reached a level I never thought possible."
Bibble currently supports Canon's .CRW format as used on the EOS D30, as well as the .NEF format used on Nikon's D1 and D1X cameras. Plans are also in place to incorporate support for .ORF files from Olympus' E-10, as we reported when Bibble v2.5 was released back in April.

UPDATED 2001-06-12 17:31ET:An email from IR reader Kirk M. Sigel let us know the Bibble site is now back online. Here's a fuller list of changes in the new version, courtesy of the Bibble website:

  • Support for D1X Raw Files. Includes 10 Megapixel mode!

  • All New demosaicing resulting in higher resolution Crw/Nef files.

  • 2001 Color profile for the D1. The most accurate yet.

  • Raw Sharpening applied by default (Sharpen:standard) [Recommended]

  • Dramatic reduction in ambient and shadow noise in all raw files.

  • Faster Raw processing. Process files At least 25% Faster

  • Added as "Profiled" Tone control. Per Profile. Saves Highligts [Nef/Crw

  • Added Hotkeys to toggle channel views (Ctrl-1,2,3, r,g,b)

  • Added ability to multiprocess separate batches.

  • Changed Jpegs to load as 8 bit when using the Photoshop plugin.

  • Changed Apply to jpegs to default to off.

  • Changed Default colorspace to SRGB for comparisons with "default" options.

  • Changed location of program .dll's to be the system folder.

  • Removed Old interpolation method as new one is both better and faster!

  • Fix problem with rotation in the plugin

  • Fixed memory leak in batching that caused them to crash eventually.

  • Fixed Firewire not working. Firewire will not work if you install NC2/NKV4

  • Fixed "black line" on left side of crw files.

  • Fixed "Jurgen.txt" file appearing on your harddrive.

  • Fixed handling of Tone settings with CRW Files.

  • Fixed problem with CRW's having no hotkeys.

  • Fixed problem reading D1 raws saved in nikon capture.

  • Fixed problem with blank .crw images with "preview options" off.

  • Fixed problem with blank/posterized .crws in batch mode.

  • Fixed problem that caused .crws loaded in bibble to be undeletable till exit.

  • Fixed CRW processing of Tone and gamma settings.

  • Fixed Memory leaks that could result in crash after extended use/batching.

  • Fixed plugin installed to selected Dir if Pshop not found.
IR reader Danny Brenner notes that whilst the Bibble site is back, Bibble v2.99 has been removed temporarily due to a problem in the installer. Eric Hyman, Bibble's author, notes that the v2.99 installer will be back shortly... Thanks, Danny and Kirk!

UPDATED 2001-06-12 20:37ET: Bibble v2.99 is now reinstated on the Bibble website for download. Eric's earlier problems with the site were due to a DNS problem at his ISP, apparently...

Source: Bibble website

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