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PhotoParade's logo. Click here to visit the Callisto PhotoParade website! Callisto announces Photo E-Mailer, Viewer for Mac!
(Thursday, June 28, 2001 - 18:53 EDT)

Software company continues to port its PhotoParade products to the Macintosh platform...

Callisto Corp. has announced in a press release that it has now released its Photo E-Mailer and Photo Viewer products for users of Macintosh computers. Sold under the PhotoParade moniker, the programs are stand-alone and work on MacOS 8.6 or higher, as well as Windows-based PCs. Photo E-Mailer allows users to resize and upload images to a website, then send an email to friends inviting them to view the image, all in one simple action. Photo Viewer allows for browsing, viewing, renaming, losslessly rotating and deleting images. The program also lets you view basic EXIF metadata (date and time taken, shutter speed, aperture, and resolution), and set images as your desktop wallpaper.

Both programs are available immediately for either MacOS or Windows, and cost $12.99 each. For more info, check the PhotoParade website.

Source: Callisto Corp.

Original Source Press Release:

Callisto Releases Photo E-Mailer and Photo Viewer for the Macintosh

New programs make viewing and sending digital photos a snap

Natick, Mass., June 27, 2001 -- Callisto Corporation today announced the release of the Macintosh versions of both Photo Viewer and Photo E-Mailer, software applications that simplify viewing and sharing digital photos.

Photo Viewer is an indispensable program for displaying and managing digital photos (JPEGs). The program is a useful tool for anyone who has accumulated a lot of photo files from their digital camera or scanner. Photo Viewer allows users to browse all the photo files in a folder, display them full size, rotate them with no loss of information, turn any photo into their desktop wallpaper, view metadata (date and time taken, shutter speed, aperture, and resolution) if available, rename files and delete unwanted photos.

Photo E-mailer eliminates the hassles and limitations people often encounter with sending and receiving photos as file attachments. With Photo E-Mailer, all a user has to do is select a digital photo file (JPEG), enter the recipient’s e-mail address and click send. The recipient receives an e-mail message with a link to a web page displaying the photo. Photo E-Mailer automatically adjusts the size of the photo to reduce upload and download time, and to make viewing simple for everyone. Users don’t have to worry about resizing their photos before sending them, because Photo E-Mailer takes care of that for them.

Photo Viewer and Photo E-Mailer work together seamlessly so customers who own both products can e-mail a photo directly from Photo Viewer.

Pricing and Availability

Photo Viewer and Photo E-Mailer are available now for purchase and download directly from the PhotoParade web site www.PhotoParade.com for $12.99 each. Both products run on Mac OS 8.6 or later.

About Callisto Corporation

Callisto is the developer of PhotoParade, the easiest way for consumers to create and share entertaining and imaginative slideshows and screen savers with their digital photos. As award-winning developers of over 40 software products, Callisto is dedicated to making it fun and effortless for consumers to share their digital photos with friends and family by offering an assortment of digital photo software products. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at www.PhotoParade.com.

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